Top 10 Biggest Lies Men Tell Women

It’s estimated that the average man says something that is a lie six times a day, while the average women will fabricate something only three times a day. That’s all good; both males and females lie about things, it’s just that men do it more than women – the biggest difference though is what each sex lies about. While women may tell a white lie about how much they spent on clothing or their weight, the lies that men tell are a little craftier. This article features the top 10 biggest lies men tell women – Women might want to write these down, while men may want to study them to ensure they don’t use them in the future. Here goes…



10) “I don’t watch porn”

Men like watching porn, going to strip clubs or anything that involves looking at semi-naked/naked women; it is embedded in the primal instincts of a male. Women see porn as something degrading to women and a statement that their man is fantasising about something other than them. For this reason, it is also in the interests of the man to keep tight-lipped about their browsing history.



9) “I like your cooking”

Many women like to think that they are good cooks, based purely on the dated “a women’s place is in the kitchen” theory. The fact is, the majority of women are not good cooks and they are made to believe that they are by the male reaction to the food that they eat. Quite often a man will tell a woman something is good because he cannot cook himself and does not want to run the risk of never being fed again!



8) “I don’t think she is pretty”

A classic question from man to woman is “do you think that she is pretty?” It could be someone in the street, a picture in a magazine or a celebrity on the television. Regardless of how pretty that woman actually is, it is always within the best interests of a man to deny that the woman in question is pretty. For men, this lie is used to keep the peace; for women, the lie is something that they want to hear, even when they know the truth.



7) “I’m stuck in traffic”

When a man is out playing sports or enjoying time with friends, the “I’m stuck in traffic” line is always used as a way to cover themselves when they should have been home already. It is also used as a way to buy a little more time away from home. This lie is often then expanded into something larger by fabricating a story about the reason they were stuck in traffic.



6) “I’ll call you”

A classic lie for the single man. Single men that meet women in nightclubs towards the end of the night are usually after one thing: sex. The man is generally not interested in the appearance of a woman or what sort of personality she has. Of course, the woman may feel differently and will want to get to know the man some more on a “proper” date. A woman will always know whether a man is interested in seeing her again if he says “I’ll call you”. In most cases, this line means that he has no intentions of calling, and instead wants an easy getaway.



5) “Sorry my battery was dead/sorry I missed your call”

A man that says this line will have probably missed the call of the woman purposely. The common scenario for this is if the guy is out with his friends enjoying a bit of freedom and his wife/girlfriend calls. A guy will not want to risk a girl putting a dampener on his fun, nor can he be seen to be too “loved-up” on the phone in front of his friends.



4) “Your bum doesn’t look big in that”

As a man, one of the worse questions to be asked is “does my bum look big in this?” It leaves them in an impossible position. If the answer is yes, should he be honest and risk the immediate wrath? Or should he tell a lie keep the peace but run the risk of being found out at a later date. The lie is always the best choice.



3) “I’m fine”

Even when clearly not fine, men will use this line to avoid drama and protect the all-important male pride. It is much easier for women to communicate their feelings than it is for men, so naturally they will keep it bottled up inside. He could be angry, he could be sad; the answer is often one that will never be known by a women, or in-fact by another man.



2) “It’s not you, it’s me”

One of the most clichéd lines there is, and also one of the most often used lies by a man trying to let a woman down gently. As a woman, if those five words are uttered to you in heart-to-heart talk, you can be damn sure that it is actually about you and not him! Men are totally useless when it comes to dumping women, especially face-to-face. In the mind of the man, this lie makes things a little easier; however, so often is it used, women are now very clear as to its actual meaning.



1) “I don’t have a wife/girlfriend”

The ultimate lie that can be told by a guy to a girl and naturally at the head of the pack when it comes to the top 10 lies that men tell women. Men that like to cheat on a partner will rarely consider the women involved, happily stringing a female along. The problem is, while this lie may work in the early stages of an illicit relationship, it will collapse like a deck of cards eventually. Women can easily pick up on any hint of suspicion from a man and will pursue it until they get to the truth.

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