10 Reasons Why You Should be Excited About London Olympics 2012

London will hold this year’s Olympic Games. The torch will be lighted on 27th day of July. People all over the world will now turn their eyes on the glamorous city where the home of Eiffel Tower and the recent diamond celebration of the queen. For the competitors contending, at the London 2012 Olympic Games are the endpoint of numerous years of detriments and devotion to a sport that supports to outline their distinctiveness. The few little minutes where they essentially contend are the outcomes of a life survived over a desire for their sport. For the length of that one happening, all the detriments made are reasonable; and if they are able to conquest on the prime stage, the expressive outpourings live on in our recollections long after the Competitions end. I have here the 10 reasons why you need to be overwhelmed about the 2012 London Olympics.




Have you ever watched the previous Beijing Olympics? How enormous it is? I’m sure you are overwhelmed with that. How about seeing an Olympic Champion Gold medalist Matthias Steiner who fortunately took the title for weightlifting, while he accept the medal he is carrying a picture of his dead wife on the other hand with tears falling from his eyes. What about the trainer of the American team for gymnastics Bela Karolyi as they took the stage and accept the medal while lifting Kerri Strug who got injured during the competition? This heart breaking moment of Olympics Awarding has something to do with the intense effort of the competitors and their sacrifices to go straight towards success. I’m sure this reason is enough for you to get excited about the London 2012 Olympics.




Another reason why we need to get excited about the London 2012 Olympic Games is to know about the struggles of the current champions. We wanted to know how they progressively sacrificed their life for the series of practices just to stand out in the game. We can also expect new people who might steal the medal from the previous holder. We don’t know what will happen but for sure all the efforts that they have struggled are worthy enough to make it through the awarding. As one champion falls from the list, a country will step down and humble them, and a new champ will be hailed, its whole country will rejoice.




Another reason for making this London 2012 Olympic Games more exciting is to watch the story of different people as they managed to represent their nation in the field of sports. There are many fairytales that managed to become realistic. For example, last Beijing 2008 Olympics where a competitor from Togo named Benjamin Boukpeti who got the bronze medal in slalom kayak; men’s division is just an inspiring example. This only shows that the motto of the previous Olympic really slams the scenario. How about in the upcoming Olympics? Whose fairytale will come true? Let us find out.




Another thing that we should look forward about the London 2012 Olympic Games is the presence of Damon Albarn who was curated to be one of the Best Concluding Ceremony of British Events. He has already stated that the event will showcase the final live presentation of his group which is popularly known as The Blur. This reason can escalate the expectations of spectators around the world.




According to the updates from London 2012 Olympic Games, viewers from around the world will be amazed by the different showcases of Britain’s finest talents. This includes the past and present performers who had been occupying the music chart list for many years ago. Some of the British bands had already confirmed their performance for the event. These bands include the New Order and SKA legends. This will make the opening and closing ceremony of the event to be more musical inspired.




This reason can absolutely leveled the expectation of viewers especially those people who are into music. The London 2012 Olympic Games will be packed of the finest bands of Great Britain. How about the undying group of Led Zeppelin who brought fame to its very popular song Staircase to heaven? The hits of Radiohead that will add up to the spice can increase the excitement of the event. What will you do if the reunion of the Gallaher Brothers will happen during the event? Sounds interesting right? Well to wrap it up, the oasis band will be expected to perform as well.




What if the London 2012 Olympic Games will include the virtual performance of the late Joe Strummer cascading his might while playing the guitar together with his band mates in a more stirring version of the band’s signature singles? If this could happen then probably, the event will surely make it more convincing to be included in the history of Olympic Games.




Pyro techniques, parallel gymnasts and other breath-taking performances from different British acts will be there to present at the opening and closing ceremony. This performance will take London 2012 Olympics to move further as the torch will be lighted and the game will begin. I’m sure we are very excited to see how Britons can match up with the death-defying stunts made by Chinese acts during the ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics 2008.




Nowadays, people are becoming active in social networking sites. Every bits of information that has something to do with current affairs are becoming popular because of the people who spent most of their time in the internet. This makes it more applicable for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Want to know why? Well as a matter of fact, this is the time of social networking sites therefor we have to expect more posts and reaction coming from different viewers all over the world. Plus, the updates of the game will also storm the networking sites. So be ready to log in to your Twitter accounts, Facebook account and anything else under the heat of the sun.




The most awaited part of the London 2012 Olympic Games is the howl of the fans all over the world to witness the grandest event of the year. This will only show that people from Great Britain are now preparing to make an impression that will surely prove them to be the best follower in the world. Having 5 league teams under one roof is not just a sort of their pride but this can make sure that viewers will have what it takes.

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    Jul 17. 2012

    “turn their eyes on the glamorous city where the home of Eiffel Tower”

    Eiffel Tower, seriously?