Top 10 Most Expensive Watches

Every one of us wants to have our very own watches. It is inevitable for a luxurious person to have an expensive item as part of their collective memorabilia. Not to mention the glamorous jewelries that are mainly worn by people belongs to rich and famous. It may sound so impossible for us but there are watches that may worth more than your own house and lot. Of course that includes your car and other properties. Sounds interesting? Well definitely yes! If you want to know more about these expensive watches, scroll down and start the countdown for the 10 most expensive watches in the world.





1907BA/12 of Brequet pocket watch

It costs about $734,000.00. This luxurious watch is made of amazingly 18-karat gold which includes an engraved hand and wound hand movement that has two mean rotational crowns. This magnificent watch is consisting of dial made of silver gold and an impressive strike. However, average earner can’t have this as part of their personal accessories. It can devastate you upon knowing how much it cost.




Grande Complication of Blancpain 1735

This marvelous watch can cost an approximately $800,000.00. It was manufactured by means of old-style form of designing a regular watch. Its ultimate feat is a single piece of 1732 self-winding caliber that contains an approximately 3 days 8 hours and reservoir for power. Be amazed with this watch because of the 18-karat gold plates and bridges that will surely add up to the shocking price. It displays a calendar with a chronograph that shows split seconds. Sounds great but can you afford the price?




Magistralis of Louis Moinet

The 8th spot is worth as high as $860,000.00. This superb watch is some kind of artistry made out of very exquisite material from the moon. Yes! I said it came from the moon. The watch has main feat that includes a perpetual calendar and chronograph that displays one-track pusher which are made of magnificently 18-karat gold. What makes it expensive is the exquisite material that has an authentic lunar meteorite pertaining to the phases of the moon. This material is made of erratic 459 Dhofar meteorites which came from the moon.




The Black Caviar Bang of Hublot

The 7th spot is a rare watch that can cost as much as $1,000,000.00. Do you want to own a million dollar watch? I’m sure you do. This rare watch came from the streamline of Big Bang and with other byproducts. It is also made of 18-karat quality of white gold and what makes it cost a million dollar bucks is the encapsulation of the rarest black diamond that are built with maximum accuracy.




Super Ice Cube of Chopard

Who says ice is cheap? Well they just don’t know who this watch is named after an ice cube. This sophisticated watch may chill you up with the price of $1,100,000.00. Do you want to know why? Well aside from being manufactured with an exquisite 60-karat rare gem stone (I’m talking about diamonds) timepiece and it is attached to another set of gold anklet that is marked with 18-karat gold and another series of diamonds at the upper, side part and even the dial of the watch. Now, want to know why it is called as Super Ice Cube? Well this watch is scratch and water resistant that can struggle from the water up to 100 feet depth. See?




Sky Moon Tourbillon of Patek Philippe

The 5th watch is worth as high as $1,300,000.00. This astronomical inspired watch is designed to perfectly represent the celestial world. I’m talking about the outer space guys. However, I don’t know if this may sound simple and easy to use but they tagged this as one of the most intricate watches. The pioneer for pocket watches that has double face. It also features a complete display of the sky at night that can be seen at the posterior part of the watch.




Tour de I’lle of Vacheron Constantin

The 4th spot is a phenomenal watch that can cost as high as $1,500,000.00. However, similar to Sky Moon Tourbillon, this watch has very intricate feature. Aside from having double face watch with sleek shape it is showcased with uninterrupted calendar, time of sunset, another set for time zone, and minute repeater. So many features that make it complicated. But the reason for its being expensive is the attachment of sapphire stone that encloses a timepiece made of 18-karat gold. It also has this coating with anti-reflective mechanism.




Platinum World Time of Patek Philippe

The 3rd spot is very expensive watch. It is worth $4,000,000.00 that can actually blow up your inner senses. Imagine a person wearing this? It seem like he is carrying the entire hotel already. This stunning watch has a self-winding feature that shows the different time zones in the world. It has a coupling system that makes it easier for the user to change different time zones without resetting the watch. It is made of 18-karat yellow, white, rose gold, and platinum.



Super Complication of Patek Philippe

Runner up for the most expensive watch is another product of the famous Patek Philippe. This spectacular watch is worth $11,000,000.00. Can you imagine that? Even if I’m the richest man in the world, I won’t dare to have this super expensive watch. Sorry! Want to know why? Well this spectacular watch is intended only to Henry Graves. As a sort of information, this guy is a banker in America. What makes it so extraordinary expensive is the feature of the watch that has approximately 900 parts and to wrap it up. The watch was manufactured for five years. Contented?




201 Karat of Chopard 25,000,000 US Dollar Watch

This watch is the most expensive one in the world. Taking the top in the list is worth as holy as $25,000,000.00. This really creep me out of the blue. It is full of intangible diamonds with a grand value of 2012-karat at the opening of the watch. To make it more detailed, it composes of blue diamonds (12K), pink diamonds (15K), and white diamonds (11K). The most shocking part of the watch is the 163K yellow and white diamonds. This magnificent watch is said to be the boldest and grandest watch in the world.

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