Top 10 Most Expensive Homes In The World

What would you expect to the dens of a billionaire? House full of diamonds or staircase made of gold? Everything on it is considered luxurious and no one can afford it except those people who are beyond the richness of the world. I’m talking about people who were born with a diamond spoon on their mouth. How about a house with more than a hundred rooms? Sounds like a hotel but who knows there are houses like that. If you want to buy your curiosity with the facts regarding the most expensive homes in the world, then you are in the right track. Scroll down and be overwhelmed with the most fascinating crib of all.





Updown Court

This magnificent house is located in England. It is composed of more than a hundred rooms, an arena for bowling enthusiast and a pool for people who love to dive. It has a driveway made of marble that is estimated to be costing of an approximately $3,000,000.00. The court has twenty-four luxurious bedrooms and each of the room is equipped with marble made bathrooms. Other amenities of the court includes and completely automated arena for bowling enthusiast, 5 various sizes if pool including the infinity pool, a ground for tennis sports, liqueurs cellar that has three thousand various wine bottles, squash court and the panic room.




Fluer de Lys

One of the best home in the world is the Fleur de Lys. Be amazed with the materials used for this house which is gold. Yes it is amazingly true that the house was built of 32K gold which makes it vivid. The total cost of the house is around $125,000,000.00




Dracula’s Castle

From the word itself, the place is known to be the den of the Dracula. This stunning house can cost as much as $130,000,000.00. It is one of the iconic spot in Romania. It has huge border that has unique and beautiful scenic view of fortress. It lies beside the Bran and reside within the Brasov which is the Romania’s official monument. The fortress lies in between the Wallachia and Transylvania. The term Dracula’s Castle was adopted by the place because of various speculations and folkloric stories that roamed around the place.




Hala Ranch

This magnificent house is located in Saudi Arabia. Its total cost is $135,000,000.00. The entire place lies within fifteen 15 square kilometers. What makes it unique? The existence of its private treatment plant for wastewater, it also has shops for the mechanics and within the vicinity is a gasoline station and area for car wash. There is a ski trails as well which has sufficient regular maintenance to make it more usable for the people. The central part of the lode is much bigger than the size of the America’s Presidents House. The house is made of beams and stones. It has fifteen bedrooms all of which has its own yards and bathrooms. You can expect an elevator inside the house too. The interiors are made of mahogany tree and hardware made of bronze. The windows are made of stained glasses and include the fireplace. To make it more modern, the house is full of high tech security system in every corner of the house.




Elena Franchuk Villa

Most of the film makers are choosing this house for their movies. The owner of this villa which is worth $161,000,000.00 is unknown. It was dedicated to the Victorian period where the 5 floors building, it stands high with pride and dignity. This villa is said to be the most sophisticated one in the world.




William Randolph Hearst’s Mansion

The $165,000,000.00 house is this first rated class mansion that is fully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and modern equipment. It spreads within a total area of 7 acres. It is enough to house hundreds of people.




Fairfield Pond

The Fairfield Pond estimated cost is a massive $190,000,000.00. This is one of the most expensive houses of the United States of America. The entire house is situation within a 250 square kilometers area which is very enormous to house hundreds of people.




The Penthouse

The $225,000,000.00 flat is known to be the most expensive specific type of house in the whole world. It has so many amenities that can surely enjoyed by people living in it. It has vast communication and security systems that allow people to be monitored every single moment of their stay in this flat.




Villa Leopolda
520 Million US Dollar

The $520,000,000.00 villa is located in France. It is specifically situated in the estate of Riviera French. It has an approximately gross area of eighty thousand square feet. It is owned by a banker in France that lives together with his family. It composes nineteen rooms with bowling arena and other amenities. It is like an amusement park inside the house.





The most expensive home in the world that has an estimated cost of a mind blowing $1,000,000,000.00 is located in India. This house is owned by one of the richest and top businessman in the world. It has only 27 floors. The house is located in the posh area of Mumbai and boasts of every modern facility. The house is one of the country’s emblem that shows how their economy progress.

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