Top 10 Small Business Ideas For 2012

Micro-entrepreneurship or small business serves as the foundation of major companies. There are times that small business ideas are gateways to better and bigger business opportunities. One of the main concerns for small business is the selection of field or type of business. During the previous year, there are many small business ideas that have boomed but in the later part of the year, it drastically reduced due to the outnumbered of people who have the same manifestations in terms of services and products that they are offering. This year, we have searched across the globe to look for business opportunities that can somehow increase the probability of having a better net worth or income even by just starting at a minimum financial support. The following is the list of top 10 small business ideas for the year 2012.





Making money and business online

The 10th spot has something to do with online marketing. This type of small business allows an investor to use a small amount of investment. There is different selection of goods and services to be offered that are practical. What makes it more appealing to the investors is they are connected to millions of people around the world. There are websites like eBay, amazon and other online shops that permits their user to utilize the website for marketing their products. People can also look for online job that can easily give them the right to earn while at home. They can also use this method in looking for other people who wanted to work with them through internet.




Social media specialists

The social media specialist is responsible for making advertisement for the products of a certain product or company. This is a good business because it only requires the person to have savvy skills in the internet that will link the ads to the website of the clients. It also requires creativity by designing the business brands using banners and other advertisement multimedia items. The social media specialist also engages in various prospects and clients that can maximize the profits for business.




Cloud working services

The cloud working services will even be more persistent and demand in the upcoming years. As there are many small, medium and big companies or enterprises are starting to develop their system using the cloud service. The purpose of the cloud service is to reduce the cost and expenses of a certain company. The cloud service allows the company to monitor the progress of their business through the specific system that is specialized to assess the morale of their employees too. The cloud working service is third-party software that is able to provide sufficient maintenance and back-up for the files of the company.




Crowd sourcing or crowd funding services

This kind of business allows people with services that enhances the maximum potential in terms of financial matters (crowd funding). It continuously supports other companies to get their project initiated and launched as early as possible. Companies that are in need of better business ideas will allow the (crowd sourcing) services to bud them with other entrepreneurs. They are also capable of facilitating the owners of the business project to get work done and funded by permitting other people to be included by contributing their money and skills. This can develop their probability of having a successful business in the future.




Personalized products

This type of small business idea is ranked 6th in the list. The business has something to do with the creativity of the person. It involves services such as create your own stuffs. This includes t-shirts, logos, banners, cups and other collectible materials. A very creative person who knows how to work with Photoshop can have better business opportunity. When running a business of personalized products, consider a vertical lift module to help keep all the products organized and easy access.




Reputation management

This type of business idea is very valuable to people with poor reputation in the internet marketing. Reputation is very important especially if they are selling products and services. What makes it more important is when you have poor reputation this line of business allows you to get limitless stream of clients. It is not good to be tagged as scammer by unsatisfied clients. There are other competitors in the internet that sells the same products and services like yours, so it is very important to have this service. This makes it to the 5th spot since there are companies or private clients who wanted to get in touch with their recent business even their reputation are not good.




Business continuity services

There are other forms of natural disasters that can affect the entire business of a company. It can either be both public and private owned businesses. Inevitable disasters such as landslides, tsunamis, floods, typhoon, and etc. can affect the entire business movements. This company needs something that can help them to continue their business even such disaster can occur. They need to furnish the shortcomings and come up with a better business plan to make sure of the continuity of their service. The business continuity service is the answer for every concerns of business that has something to do with situational crisis.




Green and sustainable business

The world is getting greener with business ideas such as green and sustainable business. This kind of business allows other company to have their own green energy. This business includes installation of green items that can save the business and even private homes from using extra power supply. It also offers recycled materials, making gadgets to conserve energy consumptions and other green stuffs.




Business technology Intermediaries

One of the most popular small business ideas right now is the business technology intermediaries. Now that the world is getting technological and convergence inclined, meaning there are many companies that are having many troubles and concerns with their traditional system. One of the most intriguing aspects of connectivity and storage assistance is the cloud computing solutions. This involves information technology infrastructure that uses virtual service for storing files and back-up important documents. It allows the company to integrate process and business system without any technical problems. The more companies that are engaging in this service, the more business opportunity can occur to this.





This small business idea stole the top spot among others. Copy writing is very demand right now. It plays a very important role for the people who are making their websites rank in other search engine optimizer (SEO). The famous one is the Google Panda that updates the website ranking regularly. Blogging needs writer to make their blog stands above all the ranking. The higher the rank, the better influence and authority will be gained. The more authority you can get, the more opportunity you will have. People right now are more into online stuff that includes website developing and blogging which needs writer.


Outbound call center service is one of the another idea for small business. Please let us know that how do you like our this list ob best small business ideas in 2012, If you have any small business ideas then please share in the comment section below.

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