Top 10 Most Fattening Foods of America

Eating foods to your own delight is not a question. But the problem is when we don’t limit ourselves with the food we eat, we might end up getting blabs not abs. We love to eat foods from the fast food chains. However we do not know that there are foods that can give us with so much number of calories. It may sound tasty and yummy but the more we eat this, the more we suffer later on. Sorry to say this, but I’m just being keen with the food I eat. Below is the list of top 10 most fattening foods of America.





The Volcano Nachos of Taco Bell

It can give you as much as 980 Kilo Calories.
It is suitably named for the bursting food that will trigger your hungry appetite. This platter contains tortilla chips, with beef, flavored beans, and yummy cheese sauce that serve as a special food. There are spicy sauces that are available for special burritos and tacos. Availing of the Taco Bell’s mayo-packed “lava” food can full your empty stomach. However, this can add another 200 kilo-calories from its sumptuous snacks.




The “Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy ¾ pounds Burger” of Wendy’s

Getting the 9th spots can give you as much as 1,060 Kilo Calories. We all know that eating burgers is not healthy. However, the Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy burger is packed with so much patties into it. It allows you to eat about 3 beef patties over loaded with cheese that can give you with so much calories and fats. For a while, think of the food not the cholesterol. Just make sure that you don’t have to eat this all the time.




The “Steak Burrito Fully Loaded” of Chipotle

Landed on the 8th spot can provide you with an outstanding 1,200 Kilo Calories. I’m sure you love burritos. We all do too. But the Chipotle Special fully loaded steak burrito stand against any burrito food chain. This awesome experience that you can get from eating it contains: (of course) the undying meat, with sour cream. It is loaded with cheese and some guacamole. This makes it deliciously devastating. The entire mentioned ingredient is piled in a standard 13-inches tortilla that will surely make you ask for more.




The “Chicken Strips with Gravy” of Dairy Queen

This food that can give you with enormous 1,370 Kilo Calories took the 7th spot. Anybody wants chicken? Yes we are! The chicken strips can be very sumptuous for our taste buds. The crunchiness and crispiness of the strips along with a dip in gravy is one of the most unforgettable gastronomical experiences. Can you imagine a bucket full of deep fried chicken strips along with French fries and a toast? Well this could be a celebration for us.




The Steak Quesadillas of Baja Fresh

Taking the 5th spot is the Steak Quesadillas of Baja Fresh that cab give you with 1,430 Kilo Calories.
Do you love steaks? I do! Steak is one of my favorite food but we must be aware that steaks has more than a thousand kilocalories. Aren’t you shameful of yourself eating all this stuff in just one meal? People who tried eating here will wonder how they make it even without cooking equipment. Well to make it more realistic for everybody, the Baja Fresh has the unique charbroiled steak that is crammed into the thick cheeses with sour cream and some of the guacamole. So are you tempted to eat this? Then go for it.




The Personal PANormous Meat Lover’s Pizza of Pizza Hut

5th place goes to the pizza lovers. The pizza hut PANourmous Pizza can give you as high as 1,470 Kilo Calories.
So enormously delicious yet it is hugely high in calories. It is 80% bigger than the regular Pizza Hut personalized pizza. It contains sauce that is loaded with cheese. The most impressive part here is the meats! Variations of meat such as ham, pepperoni, burger patties, sausage, bacon strips are just one of the most loved processed meats.




The Chicken Carbonara Breadbowl Pasta of Domino

Taking the 4th spot is the chicken carbonara bredbowl pasta of domino. This can give you as much as 1,480 Kilo Calories
Pasta and pasta! Whatever it is, I’m going to eat it. But how can I be so sure about this food if I found out that it has more than a thousand calories? This very lavish food is packed with creamed pasta and overloaded with cheese. Don’t forget the chicken and fresh bread are all on one serving.




The Tuna Melt of Quizno

Trying to be good in the 3rd spots is the Tuna Melt that can give you a grand total of 1,535 Kilo Calories
Melting your saliva is the best impression for this mouth-watering food. It contains tuna salad with fresh vegetables and loaded with cheese. It is packed with mayo and fatty marine fish that will surely let you eat 3 meals at the same time. This makes your eating experience leveled up.




The Variety Big Box Meal of KFC

Runner up for the top spot is the Variety Big Box Meal of KFC that gives you superb 1,680 Kilo Calories. If you are in KFC and you are not sure of what to eat then this meal is the answer for your call. This meal is consisting of chicken drumsticks, popcorn chicken, chicken strips, and two various side dishes and a cracker. What can you say about it? It’s just like buying all meals in one serving. Why buy one menu if you can have it all in one?




The Double Meatball Marinara with Cheese of Subway

The most fattening food of all is the double meatball marinara with cheese that can give you an extraordinary 1,720 Kilo Calories. Try eating meatballs filled with tomato sauce and covered with cheese will bring you to cloud number 9. However, this food is full of calories, fats, protein and of course fats! You might think it as unhealthy but at least trying one can be very momentous.

2 Responses to “Top 10 Most Fattening Foods of America”

  1. Businessfied

    Sep 08. 2012

    The variety Big Box Meal of KFC is a fattening food in America

  2. REL

    Sep 09. 2012

    a subway marinara meatball with cheese is only 600 calories, of course if you double the meat it’ll be double the calories, but even then it takes pouring on mayo and every topping to get to 1700 calories… so yea, don’t double everything if you’re on a diet…. Of all things on this list, its actually not bad compared to all the deep fried with gravy and cheese items on here.