10 Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors in Japan

Today, we are suffering from a great deal of heat. Probably it is because of the global warming but we have so many options to beat the scorching heat of the sun. Some people may want to visit cold places. Others will just dive in a pool but as for me, I’d rather go to any fast food chains and buy ice cream. But what flavor should I choose? If you are thinking that eating ice cream is boring well think all over again, this list includes the weirdest of all ice cream flavor and guess what… You can have all this in Japan. Yes it is. I’m sure you want to know if what are these flavors right. Then scroll down and see for yourself.





The Ice Cream Flavored Chicken Wing

This foul flavor ice cream is a regional specialty of Nagoya in Japan. The region is popular for its poultry products. So it is not surprisingly that the region plans to make their own ice cream out of their native products. The name itself implies the flavor. Yes indeed! It taste like chicken wing which is totally okay for me, since I’m fond of eating chicken wings but using it as primary flavor of ice cream? Well it’s up to you. If you haven’t tried eating one then don’t be a chicken. Try it for yourself.




The Ice Cream Flavored Whale

According to the study of Japan’s Whale Research Program, they explained that sea creatures such as whale can also be used as a primary flavor for ice cream. The purpose of this research is to reduce the number of people who are eating whale burger. So what’s the point? This flavor seems smell fishy but it has saury (famous saltwater fish in Japan). In Japan they use what as part of their traditional delicacy. However, this is not that an eco-friendly manner. It is loaded and smooth texture. The ingredients are taken from a mike not a man’s thing.




The Ice Cream Flavored Beef Tongue

What do you think will be the feeling of a person eating an ice cream made of tongue? It sounds ridiculous right? Nevertheless, tongue against tongue is more than just a kiss. This ice cream flavor is the most popular in Japan. It is made of beef tongue (primary product from Miyagi Prefecture). The taste of this ice cream is nothing but beef.




The Ice Cream Flavored Squid

Has anybody heard of squid rings? How about fried or grilled squid? I’m sure you do, but how about squid ice cream? I’m sure you are laughing right now. However, it’s true. Japan made another exotic type of flavor ice cream. This ice cream flavor is made of squid with Kimura Shoten to make it more palatable for the people.




The Ice Cream Flavored Shark Fin Ramen

Dumplings and Shark Fin’s is very popular in China. But this is used as part of the appetizer. But in Japan, they use shark fin as ice cream flavor. I’m sure you haven’t get over the sea food products. Well if you are a fan or hater of Shark then I think there is nothing wrong for you to try this Shark Fin Noodle Ice Cream. It may sound awful but this white ice cream suits my taste.




The Ice Cream Flavored Octopus

What do you think if Ursula is used as an ice cream flavor? You don’t know who is Ursula? She is a big, fat that has huge tentacles. An enemy of Little Mermaid, I’m sure kids know who she is. Well what I’m trying to say here is that Octopus is used in Japan as an ice cream flavor. Japanese experts have been trying to reinvent the usage of octopus and they have come up with this weird idea. Nevertheless, if you hate Ursula then this is the best time to take revenge.




The Ice Cream Flavored Cypress Tree

What is a tree in an ice cream? Very hilarious indeed, but in Japan they used the cypress wood not just only for making barrel-like baths but as a primary flavor for ice cream. Other people who try to eat this may think of eating ice cream on a wooden stick without an ice cream. Confused? Then try biting a tree and see for yourself.




The Ice Cream Flavored Hot Spring Water

One of the Japanese traditions is to soak themselves in a steaming water of a hot spring. Most of the springs are located at the volcanic areas in Japan. If you tried this one, I’m sure you are familiar with the aromatic smell of sulfur which is similar to fragrance of broken wind. Then you will know how the ice cream flavor may taste.




The Ice Cream Flavored Herbal Remedy

The term Yakuzen is given to various herbs and plants that are used as a traditional oriental treatment. However, it is also used as an ice cream flavor too. This ice cream sound healthy because of the promising effect of herbs but how about the taste? Try chewing a leaf, maybe you will have an idea.




The Ice Cream Flavored Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom as the Japanese National Tree is also used as a delightful ice cream flavor. The scrumptious sweet is very yummy for our body. It also brightens up our taste buds. This ice cream took the first spot. By just eating the ice cream, you will feel like a blossoming person. You weren’t in Japan if you haven’t tried this.

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  1. pewmanfu

    Apr 08. 2013

    Cherry blossom actually sounds good. I am confused about the whale one. Isn’t saury a type of mackerel? I also heard that whale is not popular in Japan and it was only eaten mostly during WWII because there wasn’t much else to eat at the time.