Top 10 Tallest Hotels in The World

Hotels are one of the landmarks that are being eyed by most of the investors. This is considered as one of the basis in determining the economic progress of a certain country. It promotes tourism and encourages various people across the globe to grab the opportunity for staying in a 5-star hotel. But who would like to settle with 5-start hotels if there are hotels beyond the excellence of art, service and amenities? Below is the list of top 10 tallest hotels in the world. All of the information are factual and based on current survey.





Swissôtel the Stamford

This hotel is located in Singapore with a total height of 226 meters or 741 feet. It has 73 floors. This skyscraper is the 2nd highest hotel in South East Asia and currently got the 7th place in the tallest building in Singapore. The hotel complex was introduced to the public in 1986. During that time, it was tagged as the tallest hotel in the world. It was renewed last 2001 and now offering approximately 1,263 rooms for their clients.




JR Central Hotel Tower

The 9th spot goes to the trademark of Nagoya, Japan. The JR Central Hotel Tower which stands a total height of 226 meters or 741 feet consisting 53 floors. The region is considered at the 4th most inhabited in Japan. This magnificent building homes a department store, space for offices and hotel as part of the entire amenities. These two towers are standing above the 20-storey platform that may appear like a gateway for the city. The distinctive gateway symbolizes the remarkable icon of the city of Nagoya. It was fully opened to the public in 2000.




Lanko-Grand Hyatt Hotel

Lucky number 8 goes to Chongqing, China. This hotel stands a total height of 258 meters or 846 feet that enclosed 60 floors. The Lanko Grand Hyatt Hotel landed as the 2nd tallest infrastructure in the Western Part of China. The establishment of the building was finished last 2004. Most of the hotel is located in Chongqing. The region is considered as one of the biggest and most inhabited municipalities in China.




Grand Lisboa

Macau in China took the 7th place in the Tallest Hotels in the World. The Grand Lisboa stands a total height of 261 meters or 856 feet. It is consisting with 47 floors. This hotel was officially introduced to the public last December 2008. The towers above this region are considered as the special administrative region of China. The design of the infrastructure is unique and it resembles a lotus flower which is the symbol of the region. Others may view it as a weird structure. This hotel was specifically designed and planned by the DLN Architects and Engineers which are very popular in Hong Kong.




The Cullinan

Another spot taken from China is the Cullinan I. Taking the 6th place stands an approximately 270 meters above the ground or 886 feet. It has total of 68 floors. In Hong Kong where the skyscraper resides, it is known as the shopping capital of the world. The Cullinan I. also termed as the Cullinan North Tower is the tallest residential tower in Hong Kong. Cullinan is known as the largest diamond in the world which is used for the name of the hotel complex. It was built by Sun Hung Kai Properties and finished last 2008.




Baiyoke Tower II

The 5th spot goes to Bangkok, Thailand. The Baiyoke Tower II which stands an approximately 304 meters or 997 feet houses the total of 85 floors. This magnificent tower is located in the Capital Business District of Thailand. It is the tallest building in the country and was completed in 1997. For now, it is considered as the highest hotel in South East Asia and has 360 degrees revolving roof deck. The tower is open from 10:30 in the morning up to 10:00 in the evening. Baiyoke Tower will be renovated and bound to defeat the Ocean One Tower which is current 367 meters high to be finished this year.




Jumeirah Emirates Tower

4th place goes to the Emirates. The Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai stands about 309 meters or 1,014 feet. It has 56 floors and it is considered as an exclusive business hotel. It consists of 40 luxurious suites amounting to 10% of the total amount of all complex room rates in just a single room. The hotel is situated in the center of the Dubai City. It is connected to the Office Towers of Emirates which is a little bit higher from the hotel.




Burj Al Arab

The 3rd spot goes to the Emirates again. The Burj Al Arab in Dubai City stands with a total height of 321 meters or 1,053 feet. It has 60 floors. The Burj Al Arab is the most popular building in the city and considered as the country’s national landmark. The splendid design of the hotel is like an Arabian sailing ship. The hotel complex resides in a man-made island and it is linked to the mainland by a private bridge. It is an ultra-exclusive hotel and home for eight finest restaurants in Dubai. The total estimated investment for this hotel is $650,000,000.




Ryugyong Hotel

Runner up for the tallest hotel in the world goes to Pyongyang, North Korea. It stands an approximately 330 meters or 1,083 feet. It has 105 floors. Pyongyang is the center of North Korea and home for the tallest building in the country. It was constructed in 1987 and was temporarily halted in 1992. The construction was inactive for almost 16 years and it was restarted again last April 2008.




Rose Tower

Finally the top of the list goes back to the Emirates. The Pride of Dubai stands approximately 333 meters or 1,093 feet. It has approximately 72 floors. The hotel was started last 2004 and it was completely finished in 2007. The hotel was officially opened last December 2009 and was considered as the tallest of them all.


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