10 Beauty Tricks That Can Make Guys Fall For You

If for some reason, your boyfriend is angry with you or feel that he is not attracted to you the same way as he used to be in the start then this post will definitely help you out. If you find signs of displeasure or annoyance in your boyfriend; don’t take these for granted as it could possibly turn out to be a disaster for your emotional health when he’ll be hanging out with your best friend the next day. It is very easy to ring the bell of the guy for you by following these beauty tips.


10. Blue eye make-up

“Eyes say everything”  ___ I heard this from a friend of mine when she was in a romantic mood. Yes it is true but for those eyes which are worth it. It is high time you stop using gray and black shades on your eyes and switch to navy blue color that give your eyes what they desperately need to impress your guy ___ a smoky and sophisticated look.


9. Give him a big smile

For a bright and lovely smile, one needs to have shiny white teeth. For that, try using Crest 3D Whitestrips which definitely make a difference when you’ll grin in front of your boyfriend. A good smile is a very easy and cool way to get the attention of the guy you love. Try it out!


8. A shining chest!

No doubt, a good body shimmer can do the magic for you while you are in a party. Don’t worry if he is ignoring you; all you need to do is just apply a body shimmer in T shape on your chest and walk past him revealing your new look. Excuse me! Can I have a minute with you young lady? ___ See you have done the job.


7. Working on the lips

You might be wondering why I have mentioned a good lipstick here. It is not because a passionate kiss of yours will leave marks all over his face, thus reminding him of his old aunt who loves him a lot. LOL. Nah! Listen up ladies ___ I am talking about layering of different textures if you want your lip color to be longer lasting. Apply the stain first and then go on with the matching color, then again apply the stain.


6. Wavy hair-style rocks

A hairstylist Guido is amazed at the fact that many women have naturally wavy texture of hair but they are always running for a blow-dryer and straightening hair. Wavy hair looks extremely sexy and adorable to the guys. Don’t know how to do it? Sleep with the damp hair and use the curling iron for a few sections


5. Long heels and a sexy skin

Apply some moisturizing lotion on your legs and wear high heels when you are out somewhere. Your job is done here, rest is on to the guy to approach you and say Hello! My name is Mark and you? Long heels give you a sexy and attractive appearance that no guy can resist but to go after it.


4. Work the sexy, slightly unkempt bun

Take out few of the strands of your hair and bend those around a curling iron. You can even add a side part for adding to your already sexy appearance. This style, in combination with a delicate smile, will surely last a killing impression on your boyfriend.


3. Use highlighter on face

So far, we are done with slightly moist skin and smoky eyes, but what about the lustrous effect to your face? Use a fan brush for the purpose of applying highlighter to your face ___ apply it in a C-shape starting from inner corner of the eye towards the cheekbone. Redo this on the other side of the face.


2. A nice little tattoo

Tattoos are always a weak point for the boys, which make them sweat hard when they see you. Get yourself a nice tattoo on a place where it is clearly visible but ensure that it a temporary one as longer lasting tattoos doesn’t portray a good sign to the guys.


1. Be what you are!

Let me explain this to you. It means to present yourself in your natural form to the guy and don’t try to be a bit extra formal or sophisticated as it is merely a subterfuge. Guys normally like girls in their natural style; wearing casual clothing such as when you are at home he expects to find you in your pajamas or sweats etc. Don’t lose your identity and personality in the midst of all fashion and styling drama.


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