10 Awesome Animated Movies to Look Forward in 2012

Animated movies are being produced by expert directors to provide entertainment to people. The better the storyline the more it earns credits from viewers. If you are fond of watching movies in the big screen and loves to eat popcorn while enjoying the film then here is the list of 10 best animated movies to look forward this year 2012 – 2013


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Title:                            Lorax

Released Date:            2nd March 2012

Genre:                                     Animation/Fantasy/Comedy

Director:                      Chris Renauld and Kyle Balda

Description:                 A 12 year old boy has a crush on the girl next door and tries to find ways to talk to her. Once he does he finds out there is something she has always wanted and he sets out on a mission to get it for her. While off on his adventure he meets a grumpy, but cute creature called The Lorax, played by Danny DeVito. The Lorax is trying to protect his world and ends up having an adventure with the young boy. Since The Lorax is an adaptation of a Dr Seuss novel, expect the unexpected and a fantasy land with many outlandish features, but with a lot of beauty at the same time.





Title:                            John Carter

Released Date:            9th March 2012

Genre:                         Sci-fi/Action/Adventure

Director:                      Andrew Stanton

Description:                 John Carter, a Civil War vet, finds himself stranded on Mars, which is different from the Mars we know. This Mars is inhabited by tall barbaric aliens that take John Carter captive. John fights against different aliens in an arena and wins due to the differences in gravity. Since the gravity on Mars is less he seems to have super powers as he is used to Earth’s gravity, so can jump higher and move faster than the native Mars species. Things change when John Carter comes face to face with the Princess. John falls in love with the Princess and starts a crusade to save her. John Carter is an adaptation of the John Carter of Mars book series, written by author Edgar Rice Burroughs, who also wrote Tarzan.





Title:                            The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Released Date:            30th March 2012

Genre:                         Animation/Action/Fantasy/Adventure

Director:                      Peter Lord and Jeff Newitt

Description:                 A hopeless Pirate Captain hopes to become the Pirate of the Year and believes it’s his turn, as he’s always come last before. He sets out to defeat his foes when he unexpectedly has to change all his plans when the Queen of England decides she hates Pirates. Watch as this hopeless Pirate must change his crew to make sure they can survive the changing tide.





Title:                            The Avengers

Released Date:            4th May 2012

Genre:                         Action/Superhero

Director:                      Joss Whedon

Description:                 Another Marvel comic adaptation where a group of Superheroes must work together to protect the earth from some bad ass aliens. Of course, each Superhero has their own individual power and not all of them are keen to work together. Watch as Ironman, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor and a few other superheroes are brought together to help Earth in its time of need. There are moments of comedy, mostly provided by Robert Downney Jr, and there’s a lot of action.





Title:                            Snow White and The Huntsman

Released Date:            1st of June 2012

Genre:                                     Adventure/Action/Drama

Director:                      Rupert Sanders

Description:                 An adaptation of the classic tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. This adaptation focuses on Snow White and the Huntsman that the Evil Queen sends to kill her. The Evil Queen wants Snow White’s heart as the magic mirror tells her that if she eats Snow White’s heart she will live forever. In this twisted tale, the Huntsman changes his mind and instead of killing Snow White, he decides to protect her. Snow White becomes a Warrior Princess and they go on a quest to kill the Evil Queen. If this sounds familiar then you may be remembering the recent TV show called Once Upon a Time, where they did the same kind of thing.





Title:                            Madagascar 3 – Europe’s Most Wanted

Released Date:            8th June 2012

Genre:                                     Animation/Action/Comedy

Director:                      Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath

Description:                 The usual cast of Madagasgar returns in the 3rd installment of the story. This time Alex the Lion, Gloria the Hippo, Melman the Giraffe, Marty the Zebra are trying to get home to New York City. The only problem is they are on the most wanted list and have to make their way from Monte Carlo, while trying to avoid the Authorities. Of course the Lemar is back too and causing all kinds of bother along with the Penguins! In order to get back to New York, they decide to join a circus and travel across Europe, while trying to keep their heads down. Well some of them try to do that, at least. Marty the Zebra has other plans!!





Title:                            Jack the Giant Killer

Released Date:            15th June 2012

Genre:                                     Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Director:                      Bryan Singer

Description:                 Watch the latest adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk. The story follows the traditional lines of Jack who accidently grows a Giant Beanstalk but this is where the story differs. This time the house was taken up into the sky when the Beanstalk grew. Somehow the Princess was in the house and is now at the top of the Beanstalk, where she has been taken captive by a Giant. Jack must rescue the Princess and defeat the Giant.





Title:                            Brave

Released Date:            22nd June 2012

Genre:                                     Animation/Action/Adventure

Director:                      Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman

Description:                 Brave is an animated film between Disney and Pixar, set in the Scottish Highlands. Merida is a Scottish princess and refuses to play the traditional role of a princess. She wants adventure and loves archery and adventure. Merida’s nature leads her to make a reckless choice which has disastrous consequences. She must decide how much her freedom is worth and must take steps to fix things before it’s too late. If Merida has any chance of breaking the curse she must be Brave and use her archery skills when needed. Brave is expected to be the biggest grossing animation movie of 2012. It is based in Scotland; hence the large number of British actors.





Title:                            The Amazing Spider-Man

Released Date:            3rd July 2012

Genre:                                     Adventure/Superhero/Action

Director:                      Mark Webb

Description:                 I hear a lot of you groaning thinking, “Oh no not another Spider Man Movie.” Sorry folks but it is yet another one. This version seems to cast a relative unknown in the role of Spider Man while you will probably be more familiar with his Aunt and Uncle, played by Sally Field and Martin Sheen. It follows the usual storyline; Peter Parker’s parents leave him to be raised by his Aunt and Uncle. He somehow gets bit by a spider and develops superpowers and becomes Spider Man. In this version, it looks like it may delve a little more into what happened to his parents and how that has affected his life. Guess you’ll just have to watch it to see.





Title:                            Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift

Released Date:            13th July 2012

Genre:                                     Animation/Adventure/Comedy

Director:                      Steve Martino and Mark Thurmeier

Description:                 The usual suspects, Manny the Mammoth, Diego the Sabre Tooth Tiger and Sid the Sloth embark on another adventure when the continent is set adrift. The drift in the film is caused by the crazy squirrel chasing his acorn again!!


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