Top 10 Hottest Athletes You Might Want to See in Olympics 2012

There are a lot of beautiful athletes performing in London Olympics 2012. They are not only excellent as an athlete, but they are also stunning with their beautiful and gorgeous bodies. As you know, men love sports. However, sporty sexy women can make an Olympic extra entertaining and worth watching. Narrowing down the list of pretty athletes in Olympics this year is somewhat a daunting task. Here is our list of the 10 hottest athletes in Olympics 2012.




10. Jennie Finch

A 31-year-old American softball player born on September 3, 1980, and is a member of Chicago Bandits and USA National Softball Team. Her complete name is Jennie Lynn Finch. She is definitely a hot sporty mom. She is one of the famous softball players in the world.



9. Caroline Wozniacki

She is a Belgium tennis star, ranked number 12 on the International Tennis Association. She was born on July 11, 1990. With her young age, she is definitely deserves to be at the list of 10 hottest athletes in Olympics 2012.



8. Alicia Sacramone

A young American artistic gymnast, one of the America’s prides, who was born on December 3, 1987. She has been continuously giving gold medals to the United States of America. For some time, she has been controversial because of her injury sustained when she fell from the beam on the floor during the 92008 Olympics. She has that perfect curves common in every gymnast.



7. Lolo Jones

She is an American athlete playing track and field. She has a slender figure and muscular legs. She is the best hurdle in the world. Despite her feminine and sexy attitude, you will be amazed about how much power she can give. She is a stunningly beautiful lady with an athletic mind.



6. Maria Sharapova

This Russian hot babe was born on April 19, 1987. She is a professional Russian tennis player. She is definitely a head turner, especially when she wears that skimpy tennis skirt. She definitively deserves a spot in the 10 hottest athletes in Olympics 2012.



5. Jessica Ennis

She is an English woman, specializing in track and field and was born on January 28, 1986. With her voluptuous body, there is no denying that she should be included in the list of hottest athletes.



4. Stephanie Rice

Stephanie is a talented swimmer from the land down under, born on June 17, 1988. Matter of fact, she is one the successful Australian athletes. She holds the record of the 400 meters women’s individual medley. Not only that she has a beautiful body, but she also got a pretty face.



3. Amanda Beard

Amanda Ray Beard is undeniably hot. She is a model and an Olympic level swimmer. You think she is sexy? She is even sexier when put in the water.



2. Lokelani McMichael

She is an exceptionally hot triathlete. In fact, she is the youngest female who finishes the Hawaii Ironman. You certainly won’t forget her name when you see her face. She has a perfectly slim body, which makes her deserving to be at the second spot in the 10 hottest athletes in Olympic 2012.



1. Melanie Adams

She is definitely the sexiest vaulter on earth. She is a beautiful Australian woman. She has what it takes to be at the number one spot in this year’s hottest Olympic athletes. She is just 20-years-old, but she is definitely soaring high in sports.

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