Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in US

Health insurance is an insurance that provide certainty in times of disease and hospitalization. H The health insurance premium must be paid according to the mode of payment agreed in the policy. In Layman’s term, we can say, it is like saving money for future health needs. This makes us prepared for health uncertainties ahead of our lives. Insurers create a financial arrangement to guarantee that funds are available to recompense specified benefits in the plan agreement. To have a health insurance in these days has become a need to almost all people worldwide. Data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, give details that the biggest health insurance companies sold premiums amounting to 650 million dollars in year 2009. This report is an evident proof that individuals nowadays, consider their health as their wealth. So below are the top 10 best health insurance companies in USerrors & omissions insurance is a good option for any business, if you need any formation about it then visit our website




10. Blue Shield of CA Group

Blue Shield of California is considered one of the biggest healthcare providers there is in the US. There are almost 3.5 million people insured by this company. This company offers numerous options that will suit any families or individual’s circumstance and capabilities. Life insurance and dental may also be covered according to your own choice. They serve many residents of California and other members from the city, up to the mountains, and down to the deserts.



9. Independence Blue Cross Group

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA is found another top-ranking health insurance provider, the Independence Blue Cross (IBC). With 3.1 million members all over the country, 2.2 million of them are south easterners of Pennsylvania, and the south of New Jersey and Delaware. Since the beginning of this company, they were dedicated to public duty and involved themselves to community projects. They have produced programs that supported schooling, charity, and sponsorships. Appendage to these, yearly donation of time was rendered to uplift security, health, and happiness of the Philadelphians.



8. Highmark Group

Highmark Inc. is located Pittsburgh. It is associated with Blue Shield Plans and Blue Cross. At present, there are nearly 5 million healthcare plan holders and almost 35 million clients, who are provided with heath supplements, dental, vision, and health coverage. Its partnership with the government enabled this company to reach and serve the federal workforce.


7. Coventry Corp. Group

Coventry Health Care has grown and is still growing to be one of the best because of its objective to help everyone benefit from best possible health. This company invests time and money in bringing providers, employers, and members in a group to devise answers which will improve products and services they offer. With over 5 million plan holders, they were rated one of the best in providing health insurances.



6. HCSC Group

Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) functions mainly in Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma and New Mexico. It runs both the Blue Shield and Blue Cross. It is also the biggest customer-owned health care provider. Their first priority is their customers not the investors. This strategy helps them build solutions with perspectives that are more elastic and far-reaching. With AA-(very sturdy) of their financial stability, they are considered one of the best companies around. Flocks of customers come to them yearly asking for their superior services. Indeed, these customers never regret the opportunity to be insured by this company who considers their customers their boss.


5. Humana Group

Humana Group has become one of the leaders in this business since their customers are of diverse types: military affiliates, senior citizens, and freelance individuals. They have raised their level of service trough continuous improvement and modernization.


4. Aetna Group

Aetna originated in Hartford, Connecticut in 1853. In 159 years of existence it proved to be one of the best so far.  This company is equipped to serve tertiary students, employers, families, public and private employees, hourly, part-time, or full-time workers and the whole population. They extend services for optimal vigor and financial solidity.


3. Kaiser Foundation Group

The Kaiser Group magnificently managed a stable growth in more than 30 years. Through the years they have become reputable in their organizational efficiency and business know-how. Their entire products are of great quality and are also affordable. This company is well-established internationally as well. Collaboration with education, government, community and business strengthened their relationship in an entirety.


2. Wellpoint Group

Wellpoint, Inc. is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Merging with Anthem, Inc. in 2004 made them the state’s chief health provider. Health insurance plans and other associated services which they propose come in wide selection.



1. Unitedhealth Group

Globally, UnitedHealth Group is the best and unsurpassed health insurance company. Currently, it has insured over 75 million members all over the world. All other companies’ that work hand in hand with Unitedhealth made it possible to meet almost every facet of health care, bringing people the opportunity to live their lives with better health.


Those are the best healthcare companies in the U.S. but if you’re looking to move away from the states you’ll need international health insurance to cover you abroad.

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