Top 10 Richest People in Pakistan

After a thorough brain storming over which region to choose for the list of richest people, I finally settled down on Pakistan, a land of tremendous opportunities but unfortunately struggling with a sound and mature leadership to exploit these resources. However, the country has managed to produce some notable personalities about whom even Forbes talks about and below are the top 10 richest people in Pakistan in 2012


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10. Dewan Yousaf Farooqui

He is the owner of the Dewan Mushtaq Group, one of the biggest conglomerates in Pakistan. The main lines of business in which this gigantic group deals are textiles, sugar, polyester staple fiber and automobiles. The net worth of Mr.Dewan Yousaf Farooqui is around $800 million. The group also has financial interests in India and has shares of Saudi Cement and Pak land Cement.


9. Tariq Saigol and Nasim Saigol

The Saigol family is the owner of the Kohinoor Group and is based in Lahore, Pakistan. The family comprises of three brothers and one sister namely Tariq, Nasim, Taufeeq and Naz (sister). Naz is married to Mian Mansha. The worth of the Saigol family is around $850 million and this is a very huge group consisting of myriad companies under its banner such as Kohinoor Textile Mills, Kohinoor Power Company, Faisalabad Grammar School, PICIC and Saigol Motors etc. The list is not exhaustive and contains many more.


8. Rafiq Habib and Rasheed Habib

The net worth of the brothers is around $900 million, albeit they never boast off their wealth. It is believed that they own around 100 companies across the globe and at the time of demarcation of the sub-continent, Muhammad Ali Habib presented a cheque of Rs 80 million to Mr.Jinnah because there was a bit delay on the transference of funds from the Reserve Bank of India. There are various entities under the umbrella of the Habib family such as Habib Bank A.G Zurich, Bank Al-Habib, Indus motors and other countless units in umpteen sectors.


7. Abdul Razzaq Yakoub and family

The provenance of the wealth of this family is mainly channels as Mr.Razzaq is the President of ARY group and besides, also controls many other channels. Apart from a substantial stake in media sector, he also owns several properties in Islamabad, Karachi and Dubai which have a combined net worth of $200 million. There are around 20 outlets in Asia under his name, which deal in gold. He is also the President of World Memon Organization. The overall net worth of Mr.Yakoub is around $1 billion.


6. Nasir Schon

Known to be among a first few people to own Rolls-Royce in Pakistan, Mr.Nasir is the CEO of the Schon Group. The group operates a Pilot training center with the name of Schon Air. At the moment, a project of Dubai lagoon worth $830 million is being handled by Schon group. The directors of this group are very influential as they are believed to be in close contact with Asif Ali Zardari. Mr.Nasir is the son of Captain Ather Schon, an ex-pilot of PIA. The net worth of Mr.Nasir is around $1 billion.


5. Saddaruddin Hashwani

Hashoo Group, listed among one of the most wide-spread groups in Pakistan, is being owned by Saddaruddin Hashwani. He is the Chairman of the group. There are numerous sectors which come within the ambit of this gigantic group such as tourism, travel, real-estate development, pharmaceuticals, IT, and Oil & Gas. Two very famous hotel brands operating in Pakistan, Pearl Continental and Marriott, are owned and operated by the Hashoo Group. The net worth of Mr.Hashwani is around $1.1 billion.


4. The Sharif Brothers

The net worth of Sharif Brothers is around $1.4 billion. They are businessmen turned politicians and are the major shareholders in the Ittefaq group. They were behind building the first motorway in Pakistan for which he is believed to get many kickbacks. They also initiated the ‘Mulk Sanwaro’ Scheme in which they egged the public to donate money to the government so that the outstanding debts can be paid off, albeit the fund was not used for the stated purpose due to disingenuous acts by the Sharif brothers.


3. Sir Anwar Pervaiz

The net worth of Sir Anwar Pervaiz is around $1.5 billion. He is the Chairman and CEO of Bestway Group which was founded in 1976. In 1995, Bestway group entered the Pakistan cement industry and established a behemoth cement plant at a cost of $120 million. In the context of UK, Bestway group is the second largest Cash and Carry operator and it is also the second largest cement producer in Pakistan.


2. Asif Ali Zardari

The most intriguing thing about him is that when I was going through the pages of his financial details, under the heading of the sources of income it was written ‘multiple sources’. Anyways, his luck shined for the first time when he married the all-in-one lady, our former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Taking advantage of his wife’s supreme government position, he completed many deals under the table and earned significant commission out of those. Recently, the issue of NRO was in lime light which is actually about his illicit money in the banks of Switzerland. This case is still pending and no discernable outcome has been reached at the moment. The net worth of Mr.Zardari is around $1.8 billion. He has a huge stake in the sugar industry of Pakistan and also owns numerous multi-million mansions in USA.


1. Mian Muhammad Mansha

With the net worth of around $2.5 billion, Mr.Mansha is the richest Pakistani to date. He owns the Nishat group which encompasses several entities such as textiles, cement, leasing, insurance and management companies. According to his friends, he is humble in nature and doesn’t like to boast around his wealth. Her spouse is Naz Saigol, the daughter of Saigol family. As a whole, he owns around 40 companies and is also the owner of MCB.


Please let us know that how do you rank the list of Richest people in Pakistan and how come Pakistani politicians are richer than business tycoons.


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