Top 10 Hottest Celebrities in Hollywood

Hollywood houses a lot of beautiful, sexy, and hottest celebrities. You simply can’t just get enough with these hottest celebrities in Hollywood. Celebrities in Hollywood are look up to by most men and women all over the world. Their body and fashion statements are being followed by their avid fans. This is mainly the reason from time to time there are different rankings conducted by Hollywood celebrity insiders. With great number of hottest celebrities, it is really hard to rank them according to physical appearance. To give you a clearer view on the rankings, here is the list of the 10 hottest celebrities in Hollywood.



10. Kelly Brook

She is a playboy model and ranks number 10 in the 10 hottest celebrities in Hollywood. She is proud to say that her body has natural curves and shapes, without having to undergo any types of aesthetic enhancements.



9. Paris Hilton

Socialite Paris Hilton has one of the most beautiful faces and hottest chic in Hollywood. She has been posing for several men’s magazine. Despite her sumptuous fashion statement, the heiress was able to show what she got when it comes to beautiful body. This is mainly the reason she is one of the most sought after models of men’s magazine.



8. Kim Kardashian

She is indeed a beauty Goddess. She definitely has the perfect curvatures, gorgeous, and flawless body. Matter of fact, she has been the center of admiration of some Hollywood male celebrities. With a perfectly tanned body, no wonder she belongs to the 10 hottest celebrities in Hollywood.



7. Megan Fox

Megan Denise Fox is a model actress. She has been in the FHM top 100 for four consecutive years. She is tremendously beautiful and grumpy sexy lady. A major fact about Megan is the she said that she has a libido of that 15-year-old boy. In fact, she said in an interview that her sex drive was so high. She is the prime model of Armani underwear.



6. Marisa Miller

Marisa Lee Miller is a native of USA. She is the reigning queen of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. She was rained as the sexiest woman in the year 2010. She also starred in a show “Entourage”. She also campaigns for Victoria Secret and Tommy Hilfiger. Despite her sexy body, she is a woman of sports.



5. Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole is a singer, dancer, actress, and songwriter. This sexy lady also loves dancing. She won at the 2010 Dancing with the Stars. She is a member of the famous girl group “Pussycat Dolls”. She is also a pro hula dancer. She is effortless sexy. Despite her sexy body and beautiful face, she still considers herself as a nerdy girl.



4. Jessica Alba

Jessica has set the record as 11th time FHM 100 sexiest women. She is undeniably hot. In fact, she was the sexiest woman of 2007 as per Victoria’s Secret. She is a mixture of Mexican French, and Danish descent.



3. Carmen Electra

Her real name is Tara Leigh Patrick. She is a promising actress and a glamorous model. Carmen has all the curves that a woman wants to have. She has a bum, boobs, and of course great smile. She said that she loves to work out as well as having dirty sex. Matter of fact, she said that “the dirtier it is, the better it is in the bedroom”.



2. Salma Hayek

Salma Valgarma Hayek Jimenez is an actress in Mexico. Salma means calm in Arabic dialect. When people are asked of hot and sexy, that first thing that would come to their mind is Salma Hayek.



1. Bar Refaeli

She is the talk of the town as she is the latest girlfriend of the hunk Leonardo DiCarpio. She is a successful model with several appearances on magazines and ad campaigns. With her fresh, sexy, and young body, she definitely deserves to be at the number one spot of the 10 hottest celebrities in Hollywood.

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