Top 10 Best Movies to Watch in 3D

Get your wallet ready for a blast by watching the most recently made 3D movies for this year! You’ve always experienced that blissful sensation before, during, and after watching a good 3D movie with your family or friends, and you’d to have more of it! Although a little bit pricier, 3D movies are a different experience because it magnifies the beauty of colorful and amazing CGI’s any film has to offer. You might want to get ideas on what would be shown this 2012, so read on to find out what would get you the most excited for this year. Here are the Top 10 Best Movies to Watch in 3D


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10. ParaNorman

The story is about the fate of a rural village attacked by zombies and other creepy creatures that could only be stopped by a kid who could talk to them. The young hero, Norman Babcock, doesn’t only have a tough time talking their weird out of their attack, he also realizes that adults are as stubborn as they can get, and don’t embrace a solution that they’re not accustomed to. You will really enjoy this animated action/hero movie that will not only offer great visuals but also life-changing lessons.



9. Frankenweenie

Are you a pet lover? Then you’re sure to like this movie a lot. A lad named Victor lost his dog which he loves very dearly, and devices a way on how to revive it with the use of electricity from lightning. Ridiculously miraculous, his experiment has changed his way of life in ways he has never expected. The twist starts when the catch of the revival procedure is revealed and he must face the consequences of his reckless actions.



8.  Resident Evil: Retribution

Have you been a fan of the Resident Evil series? Or perhaps you are a gamer and know by heart the plot and characters of this movie. No matter what, you will find great entertainment in the fifth installment of the sequence. Alice, the protagonist of the story, gets captured by Umbrella Corporation, where she finds clues to the mystery of the person who initiated the outbreak that turned every person in the city into a zombie. She would have wished she never knew about it, for she discovers betrayal and conspiracies unprecedented.



7. Rise of the Guardians

Have you ever thought that Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, The Sandman, and Tooth Fairy would be together, finding alongside against villains? Well sure they will, in this fun-packed cute film made by Dreamworks, where the most popular childhood heroes will face Jack Frost and the Boogey Man to stop them from their goal of wreaking havoc on earth. Not only would your family relate to this, you are certain to have unlimited giggles and laughs as you enjoy the humor and creativeness this film contains.



6. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Your favorite animal characters are back, and this time looking for more trouble than ever. After having escaped and Africa and going back to New York, our favorite zoo dwellers find themselves in a complicated problem where they accidentally join a circus troupe and went to many places. They enjoyed the business and have decided to reinvent circus using their inert abilities to bring laughter and joy to others.



5. Prometheus

If you enjoy alien and technology films that have been so popular among any age group, then you will find yourself loving this upcoming sci-fi movie. It is about a team’s voyage on board the Prometheus, a high-tech ship that they use to travel through space to look for more knowledge about the universe. They never knew that their objectives would soon change to gathering as much information as they can, to evading danger and trouble to the best that they can. This is part of the top 10 Best Movies to Watch in 3D



4. The Amazing Spiderman

The blockbuster film that has been almost legendary will soon be back in the theaters and will offer that same elements of its predecessors, but now with much more excitement value owing to its stunning effects. It can be considered as a sequel where Peter Parker will unravel the secrets to his past that might answer questions that have been bugging him. Be sure to view this long-awaited motion picture that has been highly acclaimed by critics and audiences alike.



3.  Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

If you haven’t read the book, then you must watch the film. This classic story has been told for over millions of times to children across the world, and has been transformed into a must-see movie that is appropriate to viewers of all ages. This has to be definitely one of the top 10 Best movies to watch in 3D.




Men in Black 3 has the same main characters but with enhanced graphics and a more engaging plot. Who would ever plan to miss this? You must get your calendar ready for one of the most anticipated sci-fi movies of this year.



1.     The Avengers

Receiving top praises from the best movie critics, the Avengers is a predestined blockbuster that is sure to make people come back again and again to the theaters. With the forces of Thor, The Hulk, Ironman, and Captain America combined; you should not be surprised if this is tagged to be on of the Best Films in 3D.


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