10 Ways to Get your Body Ready For Swim-Suit This Summer

Once again it is time to head for the beaches whether for tanning under the sun or showing your boyfriend how adorable and sexy you actually look in a bikini. The winter season is over when you had a chance to hide your physical irregularities under three layers of clothing. It is time to uncover in beaches and enjoy each and every moment of the summer season. But to really feel like the center of attention in a beach housed with so huge a crowd, you need to think incorporating in your routine the things which I will be mentioning below.


10. Efficient work-out

This is the most common and the most neglected tip for the women. When in your bathing-suit, loose muscles look really awful and rather you should have lean muscles. For this to happen, you need to plan a tough work-out schedule and visit a nearby gymnasium at least thrice a week. Burn as many calories as you can and it is always advisable to start work-out in the morning.


9. Butt & Belly – The top priorities

Although you should take care of the entire body but your belly and butt muscles must be at top of the list. If you really serious about losing unnecessary calories from the body, go for the glutes first as it is the biggest muscle in body. Furthermore, work hard to end up with a flat belly or else you won’t look as good in bikini as you could possibly have. These two areas should be given extra time to make them fit.


8. Water Water!!

People who take this for granted must realize that if your body is supplied with less water than actually required, it can adversely affect your potential and performance in connection to burning fat. Ideally, one should at least drink half his/her body weight daily and it is preferable to drink ice-cold water because your body then burns more calories to maintain the temperature at normal level. As fire burns the wood, ice is a fuel for burning your calories.


7. Take natural diuretics in plethora

The function of the diuretics is to escalate the speed by which the fluid passes through your body. Some of the natural diuretics are cucumbers, asparagus, lemon and green tea. Apart from this, other foods which have a high content of vitamin C, potassium and magnesium can also be taken under the category of diuretics.


6. Abstain from eating foods rich in carbohydrates and starch

These types of food serve to increase the rate of water retention in the body which then translates into flabby body and muscles. Sodium and other preservatives are present in plethora in foods such as breads, pastas, bagels, cookies, and crackers. Instead of this, one should focus on eating fresh fruits and vegetables.


5. Reduce the intake of alcohol

Regular habit of taking alcohol is not good for those concerned about their calorie intake. If you are in a habit of consuming alcohol on a daily basis, try to cut it down to two or three times a week. in addition to this, it will also help you in a good night sleep.


4. Stand up taller

Now this activity is somewhat annoying at times hitherto, you become completely accustomed to it. This is about practicing at regular intervals to maintain your posture. For instance, if you’re standing in a normal posture; try to keep your shoulders back and hold in everything of your body to make you look smart. This, when becomes the part of you, will make you look much smarter and slimmer than you actually are. This thing really works out! Do try it…


3.  Some of the fat-burning foods you should eat

Some of the fat-burning things are almonds and other nuts, dairy products such as fat-free milk, peanut butter, enova oil and green tea etc. Although each and every food has its own characteristics and functioning in relation to fat-burning but in common they contribute in muscle building and promote fat-loss in the body.


2. Metabolism-boosting workouts

It is important to know about some of the exercises/work-outs which can escalate your body’s metabolic rate. One, strength training is a very good way to achieve faster metabolic rate. Strength training includes all work-outs related to weight lifting. Two, running is an effective way to lose fat but don’t overdo it as it will cause damage to your muscles resulting in lower metabolic rate. When you are undergoing strength training, make it a point to run less for about 25-30 minutes.


1. Mountain Climber with Hands on Swiss Ball

I have mentioned this specific exercise here because it requires you to put in very less effort but has a greater magnitude of positive result for your tummy. Take on a push-up position on the Swiss ball and keep your body straight till your ankle. Then lift one knee off the floor and try to lift it as near to the chest as possible. Repeat this with the other knee. It is pertinent to hold your knee for atleast thirty seconds. Take a bit of rest when you feel exhausted.

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