10 Best Fragrances for Women in 2012

Women cannot live without wearing perfumes or even colognes. Smelling good is very important for women. This has made women selective on what type of scent they are going to wear. Generally, women settle for the best smelling perfume that can last throughout the day. It is a daunting task to rank perfumes for women because there are a lot of excellent perfumes for women in the market. You can check out online stores as well as local fragrance shops. With lots of perfumes for women, here is our very own list of 10 best perfumes for women -2012.



10. The Heart-Shaped Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette

It is perfectly packed in a heart shaped bottle with noticeably romantic aroma. It has a contemporary look perfectly designed by Vera Wang. The perfume is available in 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml bottle. This can be a perfect gift for ladies of all ages.



9. Versace Bright Crystal

Versace bright crystal is a significant symbol of style and sophistication. It is a refreshing perfume that will eventually make your day. This is a perfect perfume for feminine personality, perfect to use for any types of occasion.



8. The Tinkling Sensation: Lolavie Perfume

Jennifer Anniston created this exceptional perfume. This is a representation of sexy, clean, and floral personality. It is derived from the French phrase meaning “laughing at life”.



7. Calvin Klein OBSESSION

First launched in 1985, Obsession is truly a symbol of classic perfume for women. Wear this perfume on romantic dinner date or even evening parties. You will simply be noticeable because of your smell.



6. The Casual Curious Perfume

It is a tempting fantasy perfume loved by pop sensation Britney Spears. This perfume was included in the list of perfumes launched by Elizabeth Arden. This is the best perfume for modern women.



5. The Glowing J Lo Perfume

This is the perfume ventured by the beautiful and sexy Jennifer Lopez. The perfume is stored in a bottle of Rhinestones. Wear this perfume and get ready to attract the opposite sex, a true symbol of magnetism and attraction. No man can ever resist this perfume.



4. Paris Hilton Perfume

This is a signature perfume of Paris Hilton. It symbolizes girlish and feminism, a mild long lasting smell. The smell is amazingly mild yet very captivating. It surely deserves to be in the list of 10 best perfumes for women 2012.



3. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

It is a classy smelling perfume. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck is a genuinely Taylor. Wear this perfume anywhere you go.



2. Lovely Perfume For Women by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker perfume is nice and lovely to wear. It is a true symbol of simplicity and beauty comes with a sensuous fragrance. The smell can last up to 24 hours.



1. The Enchanting Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Parfum

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a sensual and alluring perfume for women. It is new to the line of fragrances created by Marc Jacobs, but it significantly won the heart of most women. It is available in different scents like vanilla, violet petals, white woods, strawberry, musk, jasmine, gardenia, and ruby red. Because of its irresistible scent, it deserves to be in the number 1 spot of the 10 best perfumes for women.

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