Top 10 Destinations to Visit in Summer 2012

The summer of 2012 is knocking at the door and is about to enter everyone’s house soon enough. Be prepared for it before it’s too late. No.. No! I don’t mean standing up right now and start doing something rather it is about planning some nice places to visit in this summer. Everybody wants to enjoy the first wind of the new season and fort this, he or she has definitely real fun plans in mind. My today’s post is just going to add to the ideas which are already getting shaped up in your minds. So, without losing any more time, let us get started with the top ten destinations worth visiting in this summer 2012.



10.Istria, Croatia

The coast of Istria is about 333-mile long and encompass 40 beaches in it. These are really famous due to supreme water quality and the managed environment. In the south of Istria, there is a 49 mile long coastline which is called The Medulin Riviera. Furthermore, in the south of Medulin Riviera, there is Cape Kamenjak which constitutes 70-foot cliffs, hidden coves and flat stone outcroppings. Apart from this, all the drama and concerts lovers can visit the Roman amphitheater which hosts myriad concerts and events.



9.Roatan, Honduras

It is situated around 30 miles north of the Honduran mainland and is the ideal place to those who love diving and snorkeling. It is even more heartening to know that the government has also initiated several programs for the visitors to enjoy themselves. Some of the recreational activities offered are; snorkeling with more than a dozen bottle-nose dolphins; unstructured, small-group dolphin dives 60 feet below the surface; and a six-day Dolphin Scuba Camp for kids ages 5-14.



8.Azores, Portugal

Let us take a flight to Portugal as our number eight destination is there. It is a remote location which is situated around thousand miles west of continental Portugal. There are nine major island and the fun part is that all of them are in easy access of the tourist because of a ferry service. You can see green volcanic mountains, mineral hot springs, hydrangea-covered hills, rambling vineyards, white-washed seaside towns and traditional Flemish and Moorish windmills in this place. The time period from May-September is the pertinent season to visit this place as during this time, numerous cultural and religious events will be in progress there.



7. Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

This is such a big place as it is home to around 25,000 islands and taking this into account, the best way to enjoy there is to use canoe, kayak or a sailboat to explore the place. The element which fascinated me the most about Stockholm is the pragmatic transportation system prevalent there for the tourists. Fjäderholmarna is the central place to catch any sort of conveyance such as bus, tram or a metro and then you can visit any place for instance, restaurants, museums and parks etc.



6. Cardiff, Wales

It is a 500-acre freshwater lake which has got a waterfront of approximately eight miles. Some of the activities you can found there are; shopping and dining at Mermaid Quay, rafting and kayaking at Cardiff International White Water, and windsurfing and power-boating on the bay. Every place has got its special event and to enjoy that, you have to hit the iron when it is hot. The right date to attend the festival at Cardiff is between August 27 to 29.  In the Cardiff Harbor Festival, you can enjoy free activities and a lot more exciting things. Some of the sites worth visiting there are National Museum Cardiff and Millennium Stadium where London 2012 Olympic Games Soccer matches and the Brit Speedway Grand Prix took place.



5.Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

This area, around 3.2 million acre, is 27 per cent surrounded by the glacier and is also home to whales, black and brown bears, mountain goats and harbor porpoises etc. although, most of the visitors see the view only from the top sitting the cruise ships but if you are an experienced camper then this is not the right way for you to enjoy the scene. Glacier Bay Sea Kayaks offer guided and unguided adventures with which one can explore the 700-plus mile of shoreline on himself. If you are planning for the night, then you don’t need to worry at all as there is Glacier Bay Lodge where you can spend the night easily.



4.Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you want to experience the snowfall here, then the best time to hit here is from October to April. The “fun season” I would call it starts from June and remains till August. During this time span, one can experience myriad colorful cultural and music festivals, celebration of arts, farmers market Minnesota Twins Baseball. Are you fond of riding a bicycle at places like this? If yes, then hit straight to the Nice Ride Minnesota and rent a bike from there to take a memorable tour of the 50-mile track. I think after riding bicycle for that long, it is now time to do some indoor activities. There are 57 museums there and the great Mall of America which has got more than 520 stores in it. Let us not forget the nation’s largest indoor family theme park, the Nickelodeon Universe.



3.San Juan Islands, Washington

The reason why I have included this place at number three is the superb weather, whales and water of here. The weather is very dry and comfortable on the four islands namely; San Juan, Orcas, Lopez and Shaw. This is because of the mountains around there. One can enjoy the pleasure of biking here and the afterwards, Turtleback Farm Inn is the right place to spend the night. If you want a safe flight to these islands, then there is a 30-45 minute flight straight from Seattle. People are packed like sardines in the summer season so if you really want to have the fun of taking the ride on ferry then better arrive early.



2.Patagonia, Argentina

It is time to get on the top of the mountains now. Outside Asia, this place is the world’s largest mountain range which is also accessible via flights. Some of the cool activities you will find here are; beginner-to-expert downhill terrain; deep, dry powder; open bowl, glacier and glided tree skiing; and snowboarding. It is not that people who are afraid of high altitudes cannot enjoy here as the lower altitudes of this place are best suited for these to begin with. The places to stay here are Correntoso Lake & River Hotel. The list of things which you can enjoy here is not at all exhaustive as there are a lot of other things for you guys to explore.



1.Muskoka Cottage Country, Ontaria, Canada

Cottage country, located in the eastern-Canada, is the place from where one can go to any lake within few minutes. Muskoka district is near to Toronto and is full of excitement to enjoy your summer to full. The 2500 square mile area includes various villages and towns of historical importance, 8699 miles of shoreline and umpteen waterfalls and lakes. Some of the activities which you can do there are campfires, canoeing and playing volleyball. Other places worth visiting are Georgian Bay Islands National Park and Peninsula Lake’s Pow-Wow Lodge. There are around thirty thousand islands located in George Bay National Park.

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