Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World

The intelligence agency is an important tool for the national power. One way of destabilizing the target is through aggressive intelligence. There are a lot of intelligence agencies in the world. It is a pretty daunting task to categorize or even rate such agencies because there are a lot of things that you need to take into account. There are countless of intelligence service out there. A bit of knowledge about those agencies is helpful. To help you and assist you with the different intelligence agencies available, here is the list of the 10 best intelligence agencies in the world.



10. ASIS Australia

The agency was formed on May 13, 1952 with the main headquarter in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. As of 2007, the annual budget is around $162. 5 AUD. The agency is primarily form for the protection of the country’s government as well as socioeconomic interest. Among their works are cooperating with other intelligence in the world, collecting foreign intelligence, as well as undertaking counter intelligence. For over 20 years, the agency remained secret. They are utilizing agents stationed in different areas. They mainly focused on the safety and interest of the people.



9. CSIS, Canada

CSIS was formed on 1984. It is a form of civil agency, but is greatly connected to the police and military sectors, identical pattern of M16 and CIA.



8. RAW – India

This intelligence agency was formed on September 21, 1968. Its primary headquarter is in New Delhi, India. The agency was formed following two major wars happened in India. The primary role of this agency is to collect external intelligence, covert operations, and counter terrorism.



7. DGSE – France

DGSE is operating under the direction of the French Ministry of Defense. They are providing national security for the country. It was created on April 2, 1982, and now they have a total number of five thousand people working for the agency.



6. FSB – Russia

FSB employs around 350,000 employees. The agency was formed on April 3, 1995. Despite the short period of time in the intelligence agency field, the agency is considered one of the best. Among their services is surveillance and counter terrorism, internal security, border security, and counter intelligence. The main headquarter of the agency is situated in Lubyanka Square, Downtown Moscow. The KGB as well as the NKVD is working under the direction of the FSB.



5. MSS – China

The man headquarter is situated in Beijing, China. MSS is the largest and most active intelligence agency in China. However, the agency was involved in some domestic security events. They have the power to detain or even arrest people who committed crimes, the very same power that a regular police has. The main objective of the MSS is to protect China from any forms of revolutionary activities, spies, or any act that will sabotage the socialist system of China. The agency is in depth in gathering foreign intelligence. Most of the MSS agents are operating in Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.



4. MI6, United Kingdom

This is a secret service bureau established in 1909. The main headquarter can be found at Vauxhall Cross, London. This intelligence agency has the same operation to that of the CIA. The agency has been very successful in maintaining security and order of the rest of the United Kingdom.



3. MOSSAD Israel

Mossad was formed on December 3, 1949 being the central institution for coordination. The primary work of the Mossad intelligence agency is to collect as well as covert several operations. Their work also includes paramilitary activities. The agency has been very successful in all its undertakings, no wonder it falls on the third spot of the best intelligence agencies in the world.



2. ISI – Pakistan

ISI was formed in 1948 with the main headquarters in Islamabad. ISI has the lengthiest success record. This has made ISI fall on the second spot of the best intelligence agencies in the world. ISI also has total of 10,000 agents covering all over the world. This has made Pakistan one of the the strongest intelligence agency.



1. CIA United States

CIA has total number of 20,000 employees, established on September 18, 1947. CIA is responsible for gathering vital information from the national security of other countries. Matter of fact, they also make policies concerning intelligence agencies. CIA is in the number one spot of the 10 best intelligence agencies in the world.

20 Responses to “Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World”

  1. numan

    May 11. 2012

    i love isi more then our self

  2. Frandango

    Jun 24. 2012

    Cia wtf!! Cia is always a failure.. ISI should top the list..second should be mossad..

  3. EDWIN

    Jul 13. 2012


    • katy

      Aug 15. 2012

      i also soo much want to work there :]

  4. uxi

    Aug 20. 2012

    ISI is always successfull…………..

  5. scot

    Aug 28. 2012

    why indians are jealous just because ISI is on the top lol , how raw is best a agency which did not able to trace that some people coming from sea side and band the indian taj hotel and other places lol just talk on fcts

  6. Bilal

    Sep 02. 2012

    With Pakistan as always being a struggling state, ISI is know as a state with in a state. Having a track record of no failed operations all over the world, with the highest number of active agents and least funded intelligent agency. I would say its better than CIA considering the standing of both countries in the world.

  7. Rana M Kashif

    Sep 09. 2012

    I love you ISI and i hope that u continue your struggle.

  8. zohaib

    Oct 22. 2012

    I love isi very much.i want to join isi and even my life is ready to give for ISI.Pakistan Zindabad

  9. World

    Oct 22. 2012

    This is not correct List of top Agencies … ISI is world no 1 Agencies ………..

  10. ch faisal sipra

    Oct 29. 2012

    I think isi having scares means but its working to achieve the goalsis best as compred to cia. So isi is the best intelligence agency of the world.

  11. Zubi Khan

    Oct 30. 2012

    RAW and MOSSAD are terrorist agencies killing innocent Muslims in Kashmir and Palestine…

  12. ali

    Nov 20. 2012

    isi besssssssssst.cia,mossad and raw are terroris agencies

  13. patriotic

    Nov 29. 2012

    one ISI is better than cia,mossad and raw :)

  14. junaid khan

    Dec 18. 2012

    I love isi becuse isi is a best intelligece

  15. Name (required)

    Dec 30. 2012

    isi is a terrorist agency. isi supports and funds taliban, lashkar, al-quida, hamas and other terrorist groups.
    Mossad & CIA is the best agencies in the world. RAW is also one of the best agency.:)

  16. gaurav

    Jan 04. 2013

    raw ………… the best .

  17. Imtiaz Ahmad

    Jan 04. 2013

    I think ISI is the best intelligence agency in the world because it has lengthiest success record. ISI has minimum resources but maximum efficiency. it must be No.1 because of its efficiency . CIA is performing better because America provides it a huge fund. I think cia would not among top 10 if financial input of cia was the same as that of ISI. 2nd thing is that the enemies of ISI are their own people ( pakistani politicians) while cia is supported by their politicians.

  18. cia guy

    Mar 12. 2013

    What are y’all talking bout CIA is the best and you know this man I they put you through a tun of training

  19. Tempest

    Mar 24. 2013

    N do u thynk that they just pick babies at ISI n send them out there in the field ! ! ?
    GET REAL !

  20. tom jang

    Sep 01. 2013

    I like your top 10. maybe top25. I like to know more about asian countries and their ranks.