10 most dangerous countries in the world

We all want to live in a quiet and peaceful environment. However, chaos and problems are inevitable. There are some things that are beyond our control. Despite of the peaceful effort, there are still countries in the world having problems with extremists, terrorists, and other types of peace disturbances. A lot of beautiful countries are facing extreme problems. This has caused people from all over the world fear of their lives and safety. Increasing incidence of crime rate is basically one of the reasons people refused to go to such countries. Matter of fact, there are embassies that issue safety travel advisories to people who wish to travel on reported dangerous countries. With such dangerous countries, we narrow down the list into ten. Here is the 10 most dangerous countries in the world.




10. Syria

Syria is a place which has an extreme deteriorating economic state. A lot of criminal offense and incidence were reported in the country like robbery, snatching, as well as assaults on the visitors. The government of Syria has failed to curb such undesirable things. The main reason why Syria is not safe to live is because of its civil war and political chaos.



9. Russia

There have been a lot of reported violent related crimes and security concerns. There has been a reported series of terrorist bombings, harassments, police extortions, kidnappings, sexual violence, and political unrest. The country is geographically beautiful. However, a lot of people don’t want to go to the place because of such crime incidence, despite the tourism campaign of the Russian’s government.



8. Nigeria

There has been a reported case of periodic episodes of crimes and violence going on for the past decades. There are Christians as well as Muslims in the area, and oftentimes caused disputes between the two religions. The country is the perfect example of chaotic country where ethnic conflicts, violence, and war are evident. These situations have made the area unstable.



7. South Africa

Cape Town is reportedly the most chaotic and unsafe place to live in South Africa. There are great incidence of crimes like rape, carjacking, robbery, murder, and kidnapping. This is the most dangerous country for women because there is a lot of rape related incidence. Matter of fact, South Africa is rape capital of the world.



6. Sudan

Among the commonly reported incidences in Sudan are banditry, lack of control, and other types of crimes. Terrorism is very common in the country. The people are always struggling from milita and genocide attacks. There are a lot of religious extremist in Sudan. They will generally hate you because of your religion and nationality. Sudan is included in the 10 most dangerous countries in the world.



5. Afghanistan

A lot of travel warnings have been raised in the country. The country has reported extreme types of violence. The United States of America has been issuing travel warnings for its people who wish to go to Afghanistan. It is the home of most terrorist groups like the Al-Qa’ida. This is one of the least visited countries in the world.



4. Somalia

Somalia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. However, the crime rate is very high. For the past 4 years, the country is least visited by tourist. There have been a continuous warlord fights, drug trafficking, and civil war. The war has started since 1990 and up until now it has not been resolved. You need to have body guards if you wish to visit the place.



3. Pakistan

There are a lot of militants covering the border of Pakistan. The country is popular because of reported bombings which unmercifully killed thousands of people. The country is totally out of control with reported cases of bombings and kidnappings. This is mainly the reason it belongs on the third place of the 10 most dangerous countries in the world.



2. Colombia

This is the kidnapping capital of the world. The beautiful country is destructed by terrorism and various attacks. Several embassies have issued travel advisory to alert the people who wish to go to Colombia.



1. Iraq

This country has been the center of attack of most terrorist groups like Al Qaeda as well as Kurdish rebellions. It has a poor economy which led the people to commit crimes.

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