Top 10 Largest Armies in The World

The armies are important because they maintain the peace and order of a country. They protect the country from intruders. There are three types of securities that need army assistance; the sea, air, and land. Because of this, army, navy, and air force were created. The size of the needed army will greatly depend on the size of the country as well as the amounts of threats that country is experiencing. The geographical location of the country as well as the surrounding threats can greatly contribute to the size of the army. China and America need to maintain larger armies to protect their place because of the serious threats. A lot of countries need a relatively larger size of armies to be able to protect their country and its citizens. Here is the list of the 10 largest armies in the world.


Largest Armies


10. Italy

The Italy falls on the 10th spot of the 10 largest armies in the world. In 2010, they have spent a total of $37 billion for their army troops. While this budget is extremely high, the report showed a significant decrease in the defense budget of Italy compared to the previous years.



9. Iran

Iran has a total number of 320,000 effective armies. Matter of fact, they have the best armies among countries in the Middle East. To be specific, they have a total of 170 vessels, 14 land divisions, and total of 15 AFS or air force squadrons. They also have a ballistic missile, “shihab 3”.



8. Myanmar

They have more than 400,000 army forces; more than 70,000 are paramilitary forces. The main job of such armies is to conduct military operations. The law of Myanmar for national defense is really amazing. Matter of fact, there is a new law which states that male and even female with the age of 18 to 35 years old should undergo a two year military training. This is to prepare them, just in case national emergency arise.



7. South Korea

The South part of Korea has an active soldier with a total of 560,000 soldiers. The strengths of their military forces are Troops, Terrain Marines, Vulture Anti Personnel Vehicles, Firebat Shock, and many others. They badly need these armies because of security and peace and order issues coming from other nations, including North Korea.



6. United States of America

The national defense of the United States of America is undoubtedly the best. They stand beyond their motto “The We’ll Defend”. They have been very successful in several wars like American Civil War, Vietnam War, Iraq and Afghanistan War, Indian War, and among others. They have total number of 550,000 armies. Aside from this, America also has state of the art technologies being used for combat and defense. America is one of the leading countries in the world. they are most visited by the tourist because of their excellent national security.



5. Pakistan

Pakistan is a relatively small country, but is facing national threats and disorder. This is primarily the reason they make sure that they have strong armies to defend their country. They have the best military forces in the world including navy, air force, and paramilitary forces. They actively investigate on every crisis. Pakistan has a significantly huge number of military troops including men and women. They also have state of the art defense and combat equipment like fighter jets, tanks, submarine, missiles, and many more.



4. North Korea

They have seemingly large and strong armies including mechanized and armored corps. They have total of 900,000 armies. North Korea is dominant in different wars. This is basically the reason they fall on the 4th spot of the 0 largest armies in the world.



3. India

India has a total number of 1, 325,000 armies. This has made India land on the third spot of the largest armies in the world. Their main goal is to observe peace and order in their country. They also have excellent humanitarian rescue operations.



2. Russia

The country has a total number of 1, 100, 000 armies. People within the age of 18-years-old to 27-years-old are required to get military education. They also have modern combat and defense equipment. With these, Russia rank as the second largest armies in the world.



1. China

China has the largest trained armies all over the world. They also have different armors, defense and combat equipment. China is one of the populated countries in the world. the availability of human resources has made them earned the number one spot on the 10 largest armies in the world.

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