10 New Features That We Might Find in New iPhone 5

Apple has given new meaning to Smartphones genre. It was in 2007 when iPhone was first introduced. Since then, several series of iPhones have been released. After five year, the company will be launching a new addition to the iPhone family, the iPhone 5. According to rumors, it will be released either June or October of 2012. It is the sixth generation of iPhone. The current iPhone 4s is giving us a lot of benefits and pleasures in using the phone. Now, the people are speculating about the latest features of the upcoming iPhone 5. Up until now, there are no defining features of iPhone 5 are confirmed. However, there are a lot of clues given to the gadget lovers. These features would definitely blow our mind. Here are the 10 new features that will be in Apple iPhone 5.


New Features in iPhone 5



10. New base and dock

The Apple Company is using the same dock base for the charging of iPhone gadgets. This is being used to transfer vital data as well as performing other useful tasks. However, it was reported that the Apple Company will be changing the base connector to make it hander and useful.



9. Excellent improvement on the camera

Images captured by the iPhone camera are perfect for photo sharing sites. With the help of iPhone, you will be able to capture great moments in your life and instantly share it with your friends and loved ones. There are speculations that iPhone 5 has a more advanced and improved camera, making it ideal to use. iPhone 5 camera supports panoramic shooting with an 8 million pixel image quality.



8. Near field communication

Almost everybody is turning into mobile space. There are several companies that take advantage of mobile payments. However, the older generations of iPhones do not support mobile payment like other Smartphones do. Mobile payment ability is not activated in older iPhone generations. The coming of the iPhone 5 states that the Apple will now support NFC technology, which means you can now pay your bills using your iPhone 5.



7. Has a larger random access memory

One of the downfalls of iPhone is the memory capacity. It does not come with a 1 GB random access memory RAM. The Smartphones are famous because of their memory capacity. The larger the memory, the more desirable the phone can be. The rumors say that the new iPhone will come with a 1 GB of RAM. This would be one of the important features of the iPhone 5.



6. Apple A5X chip support

The rumors speculated that iPhone 5 comes with a dual core processing power. It also supports quad core graphics. These features are seen possible to the upcoming iPhone 5. With its new processor, it can be applied to iPad as well as other generations of iPhone.



5. Availability of 4G LTE handset

The iPhone 5 comes with an excellent 4G LTE connection. A lot of people take this for granted, but rumors say it all. The LTE support consumes a lot of battery, but this is the newest addition to the features of iPhone 5.



4. An all new special design

For some time, Apple has been producing great designs of iPhone. The company will be doing something special on the upcoming iPhone 5. The design is totally different from that of iPhone 4s. It comes with a unibody design which makes it more sleek and beautiful.



3. Dual mode phone

Rumors stated that Apple develops a technology that allows the iPhone 5 to be easily used in different wireless networks. The iPhone 5 would be able to work with two wireless standards. They are working on universal sim which will allow the users to select a variety of networks without having the need to switch the sim cards.



2. Free mobile me service

This is the service that allows the user to store data in the central location and synchronize it with the other applications and devices. This service is anticipated to be free in iPhone 5.



1. Bigger screen size

The iphone 5 will be having a bigger screen size of 4 inches across the diagonal. This phone is perfect to compete with other Smartphones that have wider displays.

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