Top 10 Safest Countries to Live in 2012

Where would you go in times of world conflict? With the continuously growing incidence of crime, people choose to live in a safer place, free from war and conflicts. There are a lot of beautiful places in the world, but are they safe enough to live for? With beauty comes orderliness and peace. Hence, it would be a lot helpful to live in a peaceful community where you can sleep soundly at night and wake up with great peace in the morning. With lots of beautiful places in the world, where do you want to go? Perhaps choosing the best and safest place can be a daunting task. To help you decide, here is our list of 10 safest countries to live in 2012



10. New Zealand

With a total population of 4 million, this beautiful country deserves to be in the list of safest countries to live in 2012. It has a friendly and peaceful community. The people in New Zealand have a high degree of faith and respect in their neighbors. Matter of fact, you can leave your house unlocked or even leave your things unattended. Geographically, the country sits distant from the other nation, no national enemies, and a safe democracy.



9. Canada

Rank as the second largest nation in the globe and only shares a land border with the USA. Aside from this, the country has few world enemies. It also belongs to the top 3 friendliest countries in the world. The incidence of crime related violence is relatively low compared to other nations.



8. Switzerland

Indeed, a place of heaven on earth surrounded with honest, friendly and hardworking people. The safety in Switzerland is great compared to other highly developed countries. This is a perfect escape from the chaotic world.



7. Norway

Majestic nature, beautiful landscape, and breath taking sceneries, that’s Norway is all about. Aside from the physical advantages, the country has a strong social welfare system. You can get help in the event something unusual happens like sickness or unemployment. Living in Norway gives you a sense of peace of mind. They also give particular attention to women and children. The compensation package for workers is also good. They are also offering free education.



6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is definitely one of the safest places in the world. It has a stable democracy. Matter of fact, it can be the safest country in the Central America. You can be confident exploring the whole country, with a friendly and honest neighborhood. People are living their life based on “Pura Vida” or Pure Life.



5. Finland

With its quiet environment, it is surely a perfect escape from international conflicts. It is situated in the north side of the world, a perfect location to disappear. It also has a nice environment conducive for peaceful living.



4. Australia

The land down under has a rich natural resources and huge potential economy. The country is included in the friendliest country list. Aside from few reported car thefts, the crime rate of the country is relatively low compared to other places. You can be at ease living in this country.



3. Ireland

A country included in the list of friendliest country in the world. You will definitely enjoy living in this peaceful, hardworking and friendly neighborhood community. It is also the center for different entertainment events. Hence, you will be in the safest place while enjoying a whole bunch of entertainment. The country has a low incident of crime.



2. Tuvalu

Tuvalu is a remote paradise perfect for a getaway adventure, the safest places in the planet. The people are friendly and accommodating. With its beautiful natural resources, you will feel like you are in paradise.



1. Iceland

The safest place on earth you could ever be. Iceland has no world enemies with a stable economy. The people are friendly and happy. The crime rate does not exist in the place; you can rarely see petty thieves. There is no incidence of homelessness of even drug and substance related abuse. This can be a perfect paradise for people like you.



If you are planing to move abroad to one of these countries, you may wish to consider international health insurance to cover you, for being more safe!

64 Responses to “Top 10 Safest Countries to Live in 2012”

  1. Sarah Northway

    Aug 09. 2012

    It seems like this was written with absolutely no research.

    Iceland does NOT have a stable economy, in fact it’s in the middle of a terrible financial crisis and unemployment is soaring.

    Theft is absolutely rampant in Costa Rica and you stand a good chance of being robbed during your visit. The tourist enclaves there have high security but you should avoid the capitol city of San Jose.

    • lol

      Feb 20. 2013

      really? go look at the global peace index. iceland has a low unemployment rate.

      • Gunnar

        Feb 20. 2013

        it’s true it is really low unemployment on Iceland but it has often been lower for us it’s really high

    • Drew

      Apr 12. 2013

      Type your comment”Theft is absolutely rampant in Costa Rica and you stand a good chance of being robbed during your visit. The tourist enclaves there have high security but you should avoid the capitol city of San Jose.”

      Really? I’ve lived here in San Jose 6 years, so I should know!! I’m a Brit and never been robbed one single time – or my wife. It only happens to those who don’t follow basic advice. For example, many Americans insist on walking around dressed in a way that simply says “Rob Me!!” From the start, I have dressed and behaved as a Tico. That’s why you come to live in a country, right? To become part of a country and it’s culture. You don’t come to enforce the formation an enclave of the USA!! Costa Rica has twice been voted the Happiest country in the World on some polls. here…

      • keepitreal

        Jun 25. 2013

        Tell that to all Mexicans who come to USA who flat out refuse to learn English, & make zero attempts to embrace the culture, gives us the finger while using us at the same time…serious hateful attitude , strange how they bite the hand that feeds them while the slums they left would of let them stave to death WTF? Is it classic Stockholm syndrome or what?,

  2. Simen

    Aug 10. 2012

    Seriously, Australia is more safe than Norway? Dream on.

  3. Jules

    Aug 12. 2012

    Badly writen, In the Switzerland review, you refer to how safe New Zealand is???? Go figure.

  4. AussieMe

    Aug 15. 2012

    @Simen. As a local, I echo your thoughts. And this is even after the bombings!
    We also have some very soft laws too. And while you are correct we are culturally diverse, unlike other nations, we also actually look out for our poorer locals. And some happen to be terrible human beings!
    I would think France, Denmark and Japan are safer than Australia truth be told…

  5. bella

    Aug 26. 2012

    NEW ZEALAND?? Sorry but no. NZ is turning into a fascist police state …only a bit further behind USA.

    • Jim

      Sep 12. 2012

      Dear bella: USA is not a fascist police state. Most of our towns ( other than some big cities ) are quite safe and pleasant to live in. Our police are for the most part, nice people who protect us from ourselves and some bad guys.

      • star

        Sep 29. 2012

        Id have to say u got to be delusional if u think the Usa isnt a police state! Thats so far from the truth its ignorant .. TSA and gropping little children must be ok with u then. Jus dispicable and disgusting. Your constitution is goin up in smoke as we speak. Marshel law is also sure to come and you will have a change of heart then on serve and protect. Please the rest of the world sees whts happening to ur country and it aint anything to be in denial of or think ur better off. Its amazing to me how many people dont no wht their own government is up to. You are no longer the superpower of the world..”i know hard to hear thst but its true..Wake up out of ur sleepy dream like state..wht u hypnotized or something??!

        • chuck

          Nov 23. 2012

          Star.. what you are saying would seem true if yu only listen to the media and live in the large cities in the u.s.. but in the small towns and communities in the south and mid west we are far from police..haha as far a security in the airports well thats the great thing we dont need or use them so no “gropping”. The internet is great but people dont go and ‘see’ anymore . I will agree that the U.S. doesnt seen to be the “Super Power” it use to be. But that is exactly what the japan thought till they “awakened the Sleeping Giant’. I always find it interesting how this country is viewed by those that have not visited or have just visited our larger cities.

        • Meltc

          Dec 26. 2012

          Stunned at the hatred hurled at my people when we’re not even the topic of conversation. The person who posted didn’t even mention the US as a “superpower” — he was talking about our PEOPLE, our nation state. YOU wake up — NOBODY in the US has considered our nation a superpower in a LONG time. Meanwhile, our people have no health insurance and our middle class is dying. The people you’re hating are among the first row of victims of the global industry based supported by European companies. Look up who supports the Tea Party — a BIG portion of the money comes from OUTSIDE this country. In other words, Europe.

          Now, can we get back to safe places to live?

        • irishamrep

          Jan 05. 2013

          That is a pretty ignorant statement! I wish I could live in a Town rather than a big City because it certainly is much safer. Although the Airport screenings are insane in the way they are carried out, all in trying to be “politically correct” it is necessary.
          People want to KILL US! Understand! They are insanely jealous of us! Why? Surely people are not jealous because were so awful! Move fool! I wont even let Barack obama, that little man that’s trying to ruin our Country run me out!

      • EnLightened

        Jun 27. 2013

        I’ve lived in the U.S.A. all of my life, it saddens me that we are no longer a safe country not even from our own gov. It is true we are moving towards Marshal Law. There are only two of the original Laws still standing in the Declaration of Independence. And they’re trying hard to remove our freedom to bear arms. But we aren’t the only ones. Any country under the United Nations is headed in the same direction. It’s the United Nations who keep sending Instructions on how to disarm us in times of duress. Our spiritual growth is blocked, our foods and waters are poisoned, the very air we breath is made to be toxic; there are planes in the sky releasing deadly toxins daily. And most Americans have no idea what’s going on. They’re so caught up in their own health problems they can’t see past them. I have nightmares that military personnel chase and kill off myself and family all the time. I have no doubt that brother will be set against brother and son against father. Our military that is supposed to protect us will be used against us, and with the many enemies our gov. has created for us around the world, who will come to our aid? Our past three presidents (probably more) got their position unlawfully, and they’ve all made choices without the consent or support of the majority of The People. A lot of Americans still believe it was terrorists who flew planes into the trade towers in NY. I grew up believing that I was lucky to be born here, we were the “land of the free” home of the brave.” We are prisoners, and cowards, even I am scared. I’m scared for my children, my family, my grandparents who haven’t the means to flee. I’m struggling Do I stay and see what happens? Hope for the best? If I move elsewhere will I be safe from war then? And where, where can I bring my children where they would be safe to life happy fulfilling lives? Where will they be out of reach of corrupt power hungry governments?

    • Reg

      Oct 10. 2012

      France safer than Australia? How often have you been there? I have! Honestly, that makes no sense at all. I wouldn’t call France a safe country to be honest…I don’t even think French would call iFrance safe. Australia is indeed very safe and deserves to be in the top 10 or top 5. As it happens in every other countrie, big cities have higher crime rate than others. It is the same everywhere. But a countrie is not only big cities. I think that unfortunately, being able to pick 10 cities in the right order is very difficult, but to pick (in no order) the top ten for a well travelled person (I am one myself, I am lucky, I know) is not that difficult.

  6. Rony

    Aug 27. 2012

    Hey sarah costa rica is not part of the safest countries of world in my opinion but i think to be robbed in costa rica depends on where you are going cause in costa rica if you don’t know there u totally are going to be robbed but if u are with someone from there is almost impossible cause that person know the few dangerous places

  7. Worldtraveler

    Aug 28. 2012

    Australia a safe country?? Just last year more than 15 indians were murdered in Australia over racism. New Zealand has a similar issue with racists – so how are these countries safe then???

    As for Costa Rica being safe… what a joke….and switzerland being full of “honest” people….even a bigger joke…LOL.

    • tom

      Sep 18. 2012

      aus z very unsafe, der z money , but laws support robers, based on uk convicts who were dumped there..
      bad racist ..
      USA z so unsafe too
      norway, finland, japan, are safe

    • Reg

      Oct 10. 2012

      I have travelled the world and I live here. I am an academic therefore I interact with people all around the world, the consensus is that Australia is an extremely safe country. You are talking about an isolated incident. Big cities all around the world have higher crime rates…. I think it is important to do serious research before expressing a judgement. I am a researcher myself, a social scientist, as such, I am unbiased. I don’t think we can mention the top 10 countries in the right order, but we can definitely mention them. We Australians know how safe is here. We are definitely proud of our great country. Perhaps you should spend more time here. Here I know of a few people whohave forgotten the doors open for days (when they went travelling) and they found everything in their place! And this not in a country town, in a city!

      I am leaving the discussion here, people talk about what they do not know. Do some serious research, read journal articles, talk to people who are not biased!

      • AussieMe

        Nov 02. 2012

        I have read and heard heaps about how redneck, narrow minded, rude and arrogant Australians are too compared to A LOT of other places.
        And how some are even happier in the UK?!
        And I spend time talking with plenty of East and South East Asians, and I must say I get along with them far better than a lot of European Australians!!!

  8. George Lopez

    Aug 31. 2012

    Wow this is terrible!…Where’s Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates (dubai)!??

    • tom

      Sep 18. 2012

      all gcc countries are unsafe

  9. Runaway

    Sep 06. 2012

    In Cambodia, even with the political problems and past armed conflicts with Thailand, its government corruption and lack of development, I feel for much safer than in Costa Rica. It is a paradise to me. About New Zealand it is not a coincidence the fact that such country is isolated and far from most countries in the world. Stay away from that island !.

  10. AussieMe

    Sep 08. 2012

    Our crime rate is low compared to other countries because of our isolated island and population. Please, GPI this year says we are 22nd. Can’t say I’m too surprised.
    Go around ANY of the capital cities (maybe Canberra being an exception), and you will find some very, very dodgy suburbs/areas. Prison population is low because our laws are soft, and some think they can get away with it!
    Our drinking culture is a disgrace as well, reason for many violence in places.
    Australia in 4th? Dream on.
    From an Australian.

    • Australia _awe!!!

      Oct 07. 2012

      I agree with you!!!

      From an Australian

  11. TehAwesome

    Sep 13. 2012

    United Arab Emirates isn’t mentioned O.o Why is that? It has a very low crime rate :/

  12. Jose

    Sep 25. 2012

    Costa Rica safe????? hahahahahaha……….come downhere to get mugged everyday…….

  13. Kriss

    Sep 28. 2012

    Hahaha…. Is Norway one of the 10 safest countries in world to live in? NO!!!! I am from Norway, and I live in Norway. It is not very criminal, but its not very safe either. I will always live here but I when I go out I am always careful. Specially in the evening. In the evening I think its scary to walk alone (and I live in a VERY small town). I am always looking behind me, in front of me and on left and right side all the time in the evening. I have been talking too foreigners in Norway that considering to move back to their homelands because they don’t feel safe enough here (That kind of foreigners that came here of economical reasons and NOT war/crime). Everyday there is something bad news in TV and news papers that have happened the last days. Norway is a country with a lot of drugs and alcohol, and a lot of norwegians are party lovers. I have been in Poland and Iceland before, and I ACTUALLY feels way more safe there that I do in MY OWN country. Why isn’t Poland in the list of the safest countries? Party in Poland is almost not socially accepted. And when I go on holiday to countries with the Mediterranean Sea. Its always the norwegians and swedish that are the most drunk tourists, and they often drink fight in the discos in those countries. Not all norwegians are the same, but many are like this, and thats very sad.

  14. Chill

    Oct 02. 2012

    chill out guys read it and enjoy don’t take it personally, safety is subjective.

    • kriss

      Oct 03. 2012

      Sure. Its better this way…. I don’t know for sure what’s country is the safest one. But I know its not Norway. Here we learn in school and at home that we have to be very careful when we go out doors in the evenings. But still, I am happy for the beautiful words about Norway. I can wish and dream that it one day will be true facts. Norway is a evidence that street criminality not always have anything to do with poverty. I am not surprised if the other countries in the list here is safer than Norway. I know Iceland, Costa Rica and Switzerland is famous for being safe, but about the others, I don’t know so much. I wish Norway will become one of the safest one day :)

  15. Paula

    Oct 16. 2012

    NZ becoming a police state…Give me strength.
    After 9 years of a LEFT liberal govt, we had to put some
    standards back, to stop the crime rate.
    People need to know there are some boundaries,and consequences.

  16. Paula

    Oct 16. 2012

    For example.
    Just ask ANYBODY who came here for the Rugby World Cup, or those who currently visit as tourists.
    Police state, now I have heard it all.
    Bella, you really need to get a life, and travel SOMEWHERE.

  17. Rebecca

    Oct 17. 2012

    Let me knock you all off your pedestals. I am an American and a Swede who has lived all over the world for my work. I lived in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Thailand, ALL OVER USA, Australia, Dubai, Portugal, Spain and many others. Police state–Sweden and Norway are the worst police states, BUT in general Europe is far more a “police state” than any part of USA. You must register where you live, unregister when you move, you must let the authorities know where you are at all times, they even monitor your purchases here in Italy (all goods and services) and some in other European countries, like Sweden and Norway where your personnummer (equivalent to NHS number, SS # or id number in any country) is asked for in the state run alcohol and pharmacy stores. Switzerland has horrible racial tension and they are not friendly hard-working people, they will rat you out to the police if you wash your car on a Sunday. It is a clean place and it is very well run a-la-Germanic ‘FOLLOW DE RULES” but safe, hardly. You would not want to be in areas of Zurich alone on a night as a woman. Australia and Canada are comparable to USA unless you are in remote regions, which also can be found in USA actually. Denmark is dangerous as well with pockets of serious Muslim Fanatics-not to mention a press that is sick of them and likes to see how far they can push them before something gets blown up. You want to be safe, go live in the outer islands o Scotland, the Faroe Islands, Svalsbard Norway, (arctic island) or somewhere completely in the middle of nowhere that nobody cares about–perhaps Vanuatu will suit you? BUT THIS IS NOT THE SAFE LIST.

  18. Pashka

    Oct 21. 2012

    It is interesting that china is not mentioned. i lived in China for a year and have never felt safer or more contented. Of course you could get yourself robbed if you tried but on the whole it is safe. What about Japan and Korea. Like others have said it appears like an armchair travel reporter that never actually leaves his or her country. Sadly a very useless report

  19. AussieMe

    Nov 01. 2012

    @Reg. A slip up there. I meant Monaco.
    And I will be moving to New Zealand to get away from where I am.
    And I am fairly sure this will be a right call.

  20. AussieMe

    Nov 01. 2012

    Oh, and considering there are around 195 countries in the world, I do not deny we would be up there.
    Just not in the Top 10 or 5.

  21. AussieMe

    Nov 01. 2012

    And finally, how safe Australia is depends on your background and what groups you associate with.
    I am of European and Pacific Island descent. Guess that makes me different from the norm hey?!

  22. Ronald, bangladesh

    Nov 06. 2012

    Guys the safest place is your home.

    • Kriss

      Nov 06. 2012

      You are so right. I am from Norway, it is not very safe here at the evening time, and not always daytime either (Depends on where you reside). So for tourists its may not that safe as it is for me, because I know where I can be safe and where I can not be safe, and I speak norwegian and understand what people talking about around me. Its usally safest in your own country, unless one come live in a country war country. There are some international rumors about Norway that here most people are peaceful and kind, and everyone are very rich and bountiful. This isnt ture. We are have many kind of people here, many are kind and many are evil and many are arrogant, and many are poor (not many very poor, but MANY have only the most necessary things) and we have one of the worst drinking culture in the world, and also alot of drugs, its not very safe here, its not dangorus if you are careful, but you need to be careful in Norway, but since I am from Norway and I am careful in Norway, than Norway is a safe place for me.

  23. Frank

    Nov 24. 2012

    Sorry. I am a Canadian living in the US, and soon to be an American. I understand how many many people think the USA is not a safe place to live, but really it is. You need to watch the documentary “The world without US”
    The main reason European countries feel safer than America is that America is watching over them. Canada doesn’t need an army anymore because the US is their neighbor. The world would be a completely different place without the US. The US has 4 times the army as the rest of the world combined. Yes, a US city could get attacked, but if that happened, the US would jump to it to completely annihilate that country. I used to think Canada was a safe place, but to be honest, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in a major world war, than the US.
    watch :

    A very peaceful American.

    • Elvis

      Dec 20. 2012

      Frank, when they say safest country they don’t mean in a war because I agree with you that the USA is the safest in a war but that is not what is being talked about they are talking about crimes like rape, muggings, robbery, racism, and murder is what’s on the table here.

  24. RedCell

    Nov 24. 2012

    FYI: The U.S. has been on the road to becoming a Socialist Police State for some time now.

    I for one would like to call a new Country home, thats why Im reading this.

    Any recommendations?
    Im a Veteran, over 44, male, English speaker.

  25. Diana

    Dec 13. 2012

    Where is USA it is the best country

  26. joseph

    Dec 16. 2012

    no country in the world is safe. no matter where u live is not safe. if u r safe then ur lucky bastard

  27. Elvis

    Dec 20. 2012

    I really don’t believe that there is a safe country. Where ever you live you should lock your home and car doors and windows because if you don’t your asking for something bad to happen. If you really found a place ( and when I say place I don’t mean country I mean small town because there is no safe country ) that is really safe, like leaving your doors unlocked and wide open, you should keep it to yourself and live happy because if you don’t you’ll be inviting bad people to come and have there way with you,your family, and everybody else in that dream land.

  28. Elvis

    Dec 20. 2012

    I lived all over the USA and lived in other countries and traveled to different places too. I haven’t found a safe place to live and for those who are saying the USA is not that bad, you just have to stop going to big cities and come to the small towns your kidding yourself. Just last week there was a mass elementary school shooting at a small town and now we’re talking about arming our teachers with guns where our kids can find a way to reach them. Before that there was a mall shooting and before that a mass movie theater shooting and now they are talking about bulletproof backpacks and mats but you think we should be on the list, slap yourself.

  29. Elvis

    Dec 20. 2012

    Why isn’t Japan on this list they have like one gun crime a year, other countries gun crimes are over 10’s of thousands in the US alone is over 100’s of thousands. So why isn’t Japan on here again?

  30. Someone

    Dec 20. 2012

    I am not from Norway, but I live here. i have lived here most of my life, and norwegian language is the language I know best. I came here because it was hard for my parents to find job in their homeland. I feel norwegian, I have norwegian passport, and most of my friends are norwegians, so this is for me “home”, but still I feel MUCH, MUCH, MUCH safer in my real homeland than I do in Norway. In my country people living in the street, and some people die because they don’t have enogh food, but it isn’t cultur in our country to drink and to fight in the streets, but here in my new RICH homeland many people steal, drink and figh in the streets. We have an holiday house in my homeland, and its “luxary” COMPARED to other houses in that area, but still we don’t even lock the door when we go out, and we have no alarm, and no video camera outside the house, and we are not worrid that someone are going to steal in our house. I like living in Norway, its a good goverment here I think, and I have job here, so I’m happy to live here, but I think its sad that I live in a country where I have to be so careful all the time, but for me its okey, because I handle it, and its good to live here, even its not safe, its still good.

  31. josh

    Dec 26. 2012


    • Someone

      Dec 27. 2012

      Absolutely ;)

    • ewan

      Jan 10. 2013


      • Someone

        Jan 10. 2013

        Well. There are something called freedom of speech….. But if its forbidden to say anything about religion here, than I will stop, I don’t wanna make a conflict here

  32. Alex

    Dec 27. 2012

    This list is just BS. I can only see 3 safe countries on this list: Iceland, Tuvalu and Costa Rica all the others is not one of the 10 safest. I am from Finland. I have lived in Ireland, Norway and Australia before. Australia may be one of the 15 or one of the 20 safest countries in the world, but not one of 10, but its the safest country I have lived in, but still not very safe.

  33. Sheri

    Dec 30. 2012

    I have no idea what country is safest but I’m guessing that it largely depends on what part of any country one lives in. I live in the U.S. and I wouldn’t want to live in or near any large city or even in a small town but I love living far out in the country side. It’s peaceful here and very few strangers come our way. If we lock our doors, good, if we forget, that’s fine too. There are only a few neighbors on our whole road and we all watch out for each other to make sure our area remains safe. The worst we have to worry about is during hunting season that we don’t go walking in the woods wearing brown….smile. I thank God I live where I live and I suppose He put each of us right where He wanted us planted, that is, unless He gives us a reason to relocate as we go along in life. I pray that those who live in very unsafe areas will be very careful so they will stay safe. I pray those who live in war torn areas will soon know peace. But reality is, we all are who we are, where we are, safe is relative!

  34. Itsmesoitis

    Jan 22. 2013


    • paris

      Feb 26. 2013

      hey guies … wht about irelad..????? is it deserved to b on 3rd rank..????


    Mar 02. 2013

    Sweden? :/

  36. sid

    Mar 07. 2013

    you forgot a country… the united states!

    • daveid

      Mar 07. 2013

      he is right! the united states should be on here!
      i live in the us and nothing bad ever happened!
      it is free and has VERY nice people.

  37. iam.from.norway

    Mar 17. 2013

    WHAT?????????? I CANT believe this. Norway on a list of safe countries. Its the first time in my life I heard of anyone that believe that Norway is a safe country. Norway is more like Brazil when it comes to criminality. As in all countries there are good and bad people in Norway, but its not an good atmosphere to walk outside in the evening here. I am from Norway, and I live here, and its scary for me to walk outside in the evening almost where ever I go in this country. The government is good, but the streets is full of scary people in the evening, in small and big towns, the criminality is everywhere here

  38. christian

    Mar 26. 2013

    @ From Norway your country is like situation here.

    • iam.from.norway

      Mar 31. 2013

      I don’t understand what you mean about that?

  39. christian

    Mar 26. 2013

    Estonia i think belonging in top 10.

  40. wanttoleaveuk

    Apr 25. 2013

    hi there, im from great britain and there is nothing great about britian and i do not feel one bit safe here, just looking throught the list any of them places will do me, but i would need work around school hour, ie part time, i dont like it to stricked that i feel i can not breath like it here in britain, somewhere safe and layed back and friendly and smily faces, :)
    can anyone help?

    • Iam.from.norway

      Apr 26. 2013

      Iceland, Denmark or Faero Islands maybe. That is safe places. Norway is OK, but just OK. Its not exactly safe. I don’t know what exactly you are looking for. But if you will find a place wich is safe in the evening and with smiley people than I can not recomend Norway, I am from Norway, and I feel I can breath, but still I feel that I have to be VERY careful in the evening. I would recomend you to move to Greenland, Faero Islands or Denmark if your looking for something safe.

  41. European

    Oct 07. 2013

    Is this a joke ? Norway and Finland. SAFE??????? OMG this page can not be a serious one, just a huge joke. Only Denmark and Iceland are safe nordic countries, the other one contains a lot of crime every day.